About Pflow Industries

PFlow Industries designs and manufactures industry-leading equipment to vertically move material loads weighing from 10 pounds to more than 100,000 pounds far more efficiently and safely than by other means, and at a greatly reduced cost.

Our products are commonly known as vertical reciprocating conveyors (VRCs), material lifts, goods lifts, or dumbwaiter lifts, and are only intended to move materials, not people.

PFlow founded the VRC industry in 1977 and has been the undisputed market leader ever since. PFlow is dedicated to engineering and manufacturing the strongest, safest and most reliable VRC's worldwide. PFlow VRCs have a lifetime structural warranty, plus guaranteed code approval in every state (ASME B20.1).


Alcom Electronicos and PFlow 21 Series Two PFlow 21 Series hydraulic lift VRCs allow production to flow efficiently despite the addition of the second level at Alcom Electronicos in Mexico.Download
Audi Dealership and PFlow F and M SeriesTwo PFlow VRCs serve seven stories at Audi Central Houston, the largest and most high-tech Audi dealership facility in North America and owned by Sonic Automotive.Download
Bourgault Equipment and PFlow Moving-Floor SystemFarm equipment manufacturer Bourgault Industries unveils its 370’ × 25’ moving-floor assembly line, manufactured by PFlow Industries, in Saint Brieux, SK.Download
Cardinal Laminated Glass Plant and PFlow F SeriesPFlow conquers unique bracing challenges and builds an unusually long, single-piece carriage lift for the Cardinal Laminated Glass Plant in Ocala, FL.Download
E-ZPass Government Facility and PFlow D SeriesThe D Series hydraulic cantilever lift from PFlow allows through floor access to the basement of the Delaware E-ZPass in Dover, DE.Download
Florida Harley Dealer and PFlow 21 SeriesPFlow's hydraulic material lift at Chester’s Fort Lauderdale Harley-Davidson® allows safe, efficient access to mezzanine storage.Download
Gravity Makes the Wine, PFlow VRC Does the RestCarved into a mountainside in California, JPV Freestone Winery uses a PFlow 4-Post VRC to safely transport wine barrels and other materials to three-floor levels.Download
Historic Pritzlaff Building and PFlow 21 SeriesPFlow 21 Series hydraulic lifts move supplies and save time during events at the historic and repurposed Pritzlaff Building in Milwaukee, WI.Download
Household Goods Retailer and PFlow F SeriesPFlow's high-capacity vertical lift helped households goods retailer, Sherman's in Peoria IL, consolidate all support operations into a renovated warehouse.Download
Madison United Cart Washer and PFlow M Series PFlow and Automation Dynamics designed a system that integrated the controls of a cart washer and vertical lift for Madison United Healthcare Linen in WI.Download
Norfolk Naval Shipyard and PFlow F SeriesPFlow's custom VRC at Dock #8 in Portsmouth, VA moves materials and equipment used to build, repair and modernize the Navy’s largest ships.Download
Off Shore Oil Platform and PFlow M SeriesCustom designed, totally exposed PFlow VRC heliport lift for Shell's offshore oil drilling platform can withstand the Gulf of Mexico's harsh marine setting.Download
PFlow Corners the MarketPFlow has built over 750 “Big”, heavy-duty lifts, with capacities of 20,000 lb. or more. These Big lifts are highly engineered and customized systems.Download
PFlow VRCs Keep the Beer Crisp and Chilled at NFL Two mechanical vertical lifts in Miami Gardens, FL keeps beverages cool, while handling up to 1,6000 kegs per game.Download
Redding Power Plant and PFlow F SeriesPFlow's F Series 4-post mechanical lift has a 6,000 lb. capacity built to deliver catalyst blocks to each of the power plants ten levels in Redding, CA.Download
Rochester Drug Cooperative and PFlow 21 SeriesPFlow's 21 Series hydraulic VRC serves a massive warehouse in Fairfield, NJ for the Rochester Drug Cooperative, the fastest growing distributor of its kind.Download
Sea Ray Boat Molds and PFlow F SeriesThe 4-post VRC doubled storage space and greatly improved the material handling system within an existing Sea Ray Boat Mold Facility in Palm Coast, FL.Download
Texas Longhorns Stadium and PFlow F SeriesThe four-post vertical reciprocating conveyor elevates a portion of the DKR Memorial Stadium in Austin, TX for a monster bass drum named "Big Bertha!"Download
Westover Church and PFlow F SeriesThe PFlow 4-post design was the creative solution to move equipment vertically to the sanctuary stage and storage area at Westover Church in Greensboro, NC.Download


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