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CICMHE 2022 Louisville
CICMHE in Louisville in 2022
Material Handling Teachers Institute
CICMHE sponsors a Teachers Institute on an every two year schedule for faculty members who teach material handling in two-and four-year schools of technology, as well as in schools of engineering at four-year universities. The Teachers Institute is held in the summer of odd-numbered years.
International Material Handling Research Colloquium
Since 1990, CICMHE has sponsored an International Research Colloquium in conjunction with the U.S. National Science Foundation and leading companies within the industry. Like the Teachers Institute, the Colloquium has been conducted on an every two year cycle, with the Colloquium being offered in the summer of even-numbered years.
National Student Design Competition
For the last several years, CICMHE, in conjunction with the Material Handling Institute, has sponsored a national team design competition for students interested in the design and analysis of material handling systems.
Material Handling Education Foundation
Scholarships in Material Handling The Material Handling Education Foundation offers scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in a material handling related program at a pre-approved institution of higher education. Last year the Foundation offered 28 scholarships with a total value of $73,500. More information about the scholarships can be obtained by contacting Donna Varner.

Organizational Structure

CICMHE is organized into two working committees. A brief overview of each committee is provided below:

Events Committee
Plan and execute structured events to facilitate learning and research, promote knowledge transfer, provide exposure to and awareness of the field, address current industry needs and trends, and strengthen the bridge between industry and academia.

Projects Committee
Initiate and conduct projects to transform and modernize existing educational offerings, create and maintain new educational offerings, assess usage and effectiveness of offerings, identify, incubate, and foster research in material handling and related domains; and leverage connections between CICMHE and councils, product sections, and affiliated trade associations.

Communication and Technology Transfer

CICMHE continually monitors activities with the different MHI product sections and councils to facilitate technology transfer between the groups. This monitoring is primarily conducted by having CICMHE members attend the meetings of the product sections and councils. The activities of the product sections and councils often provide information to the CICMHE members on the latest advances in material handling equipment and technology as well as keep them abreast of the challenges and issues that a particular industry segment is facing. Additionally, issues or topics will arise where CICMHE can assist the product section on special projects. These projects might involve developing white papers on a particular topic, creating overviews and summaries that can be used to promote the activities of the product section, or developing tools to assist in designing or analyzing material handling technologies (e.g. economic justification software, an ergonomic toolbox, or a carousel throughput estimation package).

CICMHE Managing Director

JoAnna Leon


CICMHE Coordinator

Maurice Rahman


For general inquiries, please email


Shanthi Muthuswamy
Northern Illinois University

Manjunath Kamath
Oklahoma State University

Past President
David Porter
Oregon State University

Liaison to the Roundtable
Michael Kay
NC State University