Board Members

Below are a list of board members of The Material Handling Education Foundation, Inc.

Brian Neuwirth, President
UNEX Manufacturing
Ryan Bartlett, Vice President
United Material Handling
Sal Fateen, Last Retiring President
Seizmic, Inc.
Mike Laurent, Treasurer
Donna Varner, Executive Director
Jay Anderson, Director
Steel King Industries
Patti Blessing, Director
James Cabot, Director
Southworth International Group
Christian Dow, Director
Bryan Jensen, Director
St. Onge Company
Michael Mikitka, Director
Ray Niemeyer, Director
SpaceGuard Products
Crystal Parrott, Director
Plus One Robotics
Mitch Smith, Director
Arthur H. Stroyd, Jr., Director
Del Sole Cavanaugh Stroyd LLC
Joel Thomas, Director
Siemens Industry
Sebastian Titze, Director
BEUMER Corporation
Dr. Michael Kay, CICMHE Liaison
North Carolina State University
James K. Allred, Lifetime Director
J.K. Allred Consulting
John Hill, Lifetime Director
St. Onge Company
William Powell, Lifetime Director
Powell Systems, Inc.
Arthur St. Onge, Lifetime Director
St. Onge Company
Dr. James Tompkins, Lifetime Director
Tompkins International