About Folding Guard®

Folding Guard® is a manufacturer of welded & woven wire mesh safety & security products. Our products include wire partitions, machine perimeter guards, storage lockers, military lockers, loss prevention cabinets, pallet rack security systems & gas cylinder safety cabinets. We have a wide range of capabilities including design, configuration, fabrication, & powder coating and our superior products fit into a variety of applications. Whether you're looking for an industrial, commercial, government, military or consumer product, Folding Guard® can engineer the right solution for you!

Some of our products include Saf-T-Fence® Machine Perimeter Guarding, Qwik-Fence® Welded Wire Partitions, Wov-N-Wire® Partitions, Saf-T-Stor® Propane Tank/Gas Cylinder Safety Cabinets, Stor-More® Security Cabinets, Pallet Rack Enclosures and Multi-Purpose/Tenant Storage Lockers.


Drop-N-Lock® Bracket SystemA fast and flexible two-point fastening system with quick access for maintenanceDownload
Qwik-Fence® Pallet Rack BackingPrevent objects from falling off of overhead storage systemsDownload
Qwik-Fence® PartitionsGalvanized wire welded in a grid pattern creates an attractive and secure system for separating spacesDownload
Saf-T-Fence® Machine GuardingProtect your workers from harmful accidents and costly finesDownload
Saf-T-Fence® PartitionsKeep your inventory safe with an easy-to-assemble partitioning systemDownload
Saf-T-Stor® Cylinder CabinetProtect compressed gas cylinder tanks from damage, theft & unauthorized accessDownload
Stor-More® Dispatcher LockerIndividually-locked compartments for service team pick-ups or employee storageDownload
Stor-More® Loss Prevention CabinetSleek cabinets to secure your high-value productsDownload
Stor-More® Ta-50 Military LockerSecure storage for military equipment & gearDownload
Stor-More® Tenant Storage Locker – Framed WeldedPremium lockers for secure storage of tenants’ personal itemsDownload
Stor-More® Tenant Storage Locker – GalvanizedSturdy lockers for safe and secure apartment or office storageDownload
Versa Guard™ Machine GuardingThe Machine Guarding system that blends function, flexibility and cost-friendlinessDownload
Wov-N-Wire® PartitionsDurable, traditional and competitively-priced fencing for separating and securing areasDownload


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Brands / Products

  • Drop-N-Lock®
  • Qwik-Fence®
  • Saf-T-Fence®
  • Saf-T-Stor®
  • Stor-More®
  • Versa Guard™
  • Wov-N-Wire®

Product Categories

  • Distribution Center
  • Fabricated Metal Products
  • Loading Dock Equipment
  • Machinery
  • Manufacturing Facility
  • Other Material Handling Equipment and Systems
  • Plant/Facility Equipment and Management
  • Protective Guarding
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  • Tool Handling & Storage Systems

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