About EMH, Inc.

EMH, Inc.® (Engineered Material Handling), now celebrating our 34th anniversary, is a full line manufacturer of Overhead Bridge and Gantry Cranes, plus Wire Rope Hoists, Endtrucks and Controls for loads to 500 tons.

Other products include:

NOMAD® Freestanding Bridge Crane Systems with capacities to 10 tons. All the components needed to install a freestanding crane, including standard radio control.

AL Systems™ Aluminum Workstation Cranes for loads to 2200 lbs. Single and double girder, free standing and ceiling mounted, jibs.

EMH Standard and Engineered Wire Rope Hoists. Single and double girder models for capacities to 500 tons.

EMH Endtrucks. Single and double girder, top and under running, bogies.

Established in 1988. Certification to ISO 9001:2008 Standards for the design, manufacturing, installation and servicing of overhead cranes.


  • EMH Overhead Cranes and Components


AL Systems Aluminum Workstation CranesSmooth, safe handling of loads to 2200 lbs. in ceiling mounted and freestanding configurations.Download
EMH Components for Overhead CranesThis twelve page color brochures gives an overview of the EMH hoist, end trucks and crane kit product lines. Also shown are popular crane accessories, such as load cells, crane cabs, radio controls and rotating hook blocks.Download
NOMAD Freestanding Bridge CranesEverything needed for modular, freestanding bridge cranes for capacities to 10 tons. Easily adapted to almost any situation. Download
Overhead Bridge and Gantry CranesEMH provides a complete line of overhead material handling solutions for loads to 300 tons.Download
Standard Wire Rope HoistsSingle and double girder for loads to 50 tons.Download
The EMH StoryCompany history and general overview.Download

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  • AL Systems™ Aluminum Rail Workstation Cranes
  • NOMAD® Freestanding Bridge Cranes

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