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Demag Cranes & Components Corp. delivers performance for lifting operations. Our products are purpose-built. Demag overhead crane kits and wire rope hoists lift loads up to 100 tons. Choose the DVR wire rope hoist for loads up to 80 tons with standard requirements and the DH wire rope hoist for loads up to 100 tons with specialized requirements.

Demag light lifting cranes and hoists assure your production needs are met. KBK light crane systems are flexible and configurable to meet your exacting needs, whether monorail, ceiling mounted, jib crane, or freestanding workstation. DC Chain Hoists and Demag Balancers are ergonomic and match perfectly with KBK systems to meet your lifting, floating, and positioning requirements.

Material handling and intralogistics projects like transfer cars, indexers, and architectural projects are optimized with Demag Drive Technology, a compatible, modular solution of wheel blocks, motors, gearboxes, and connecting components.


  • Industry Leading Ergonomics with Demag KBK Articulating Cranes for Loads up to 4,400 lbs.

  • Demag DCBS chain hoist - Intuitive control. Precise positioning.

  • Demag Light Lifting Solutions- Flexibility for How You Lift | Demag Cranes and Components

  • Demag DC Chain Hoists | Quality and Reliability fo

  • Demag Light Lifting - Lifting You Forward

  • Demag Heavy Lifting Solutions- Reliable Single and Double Girder Cranes


Demag DC Chain HoistsLearn about all the models in the Demag DC Chain Hoist product line.Download
Demag DCBS Electric and D-BP II BalancersLearn more about Demag balancers- DCBS Electric Chain Balancer and D-BP II Air BalancerDownload
Demag Drive TechnologyLearn more about the compatible, modular drive technology solutions available from Demag.Download
Demag KBK Light Crane SystemsLearn more about Demag KBK Light Crane Systems.Download
Demag Wheel System SolutionsLearn more about Demag Wheel Block Systems and our entire Drive System solutions for your next material handling project.Download

Case Studies

»Crankshaft Handling Made Easy
»Demag ALU Enclosed Track Crane in the Printing Industry
»Demag CoilMaster Cranes Provides Multi-Level Stacking in an Automated Coil Storage System
»Demag DC-Com Chain Hoists on High Speed Rail Project
»Demag DR Pro Hoists with Simultaneous and Independent Hoists are the Ideal Solution for Handling Long Materials
»Demag Electric Chain Hoist Increases Productivity In A Work Cell
»Demag Electric Rope Hoist 24-Hour Operation
»Demag Electric Rope Hoist In The Galvanizing Industry
»Demag Electric Rope Hoist Metal Flooring Plant
»Demag Electric Rope Hoist Snowmaking Operation
»Demag Ergonomic Crane Systems for Airport Baggage Handling
»Demag hoists drive results
»DEMAG KBK Crane handles large panels in Automotive Plant
»Demag KBK Enclosed Track Crane for Cheese Processing Facility
»Demag KBK Enclosed Track Crane with Manipulator Arm
»Demag KBK Enclosed Track in the Semi-Conductor Industry
»Demag KBK Enclosed Track Monorail for a Dip Tank Sequence
»Demag KBK Enclosed Track Monorail Provides the Best Solution
»Demag KBK Enclosed Track Stacker Crane System for Storage Retrieval
»Demag KBK Monorail System in Sand Distribution Application
»Demag KBK Multi Crane System for Engine Block Machining Application
»Demag KBK Semi-Automated Enclosed Track Monorail in a surface treatment application
»Demag Variable Speed Chain Hoists Provides Fine Positioning
»Demag’s Electric Chain Hoist For Wind Power Generation Station Maintenance
»Demag's Electric Chain Hoist For a Precise Handling Application
»Enclosed Track Crane System Results In Improved Ergonomics
»Integrated Logistics Solution for Major Manufacturer of Steam Turbines
»Monorail System in Waste Water Treatment Plants
»Successful Cab / Chassis Marriage
»The New Demag DR Pro Hoist Provides Efficient Handling of 25 ton Steel Coils

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