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SpaceGuard Products specializes in top-notch wire mesh partitions and innovative area guarding solutions. Our diverse family of brands caters to various industrial needs, offering solutions such as welded and woven wire partitions, machine and robotic guarding, storage lockers, rack safety panels, elevated platform guarding, and high-quality rack repair solutions. Beyond our cutting-edge safety products, we provide customized metal fabrication and expert powder coating services.

Designed for diverse applications—from machine and robotic guarding to data center security cages, storage lockers, tool cribs, DEA and pharmaceutical cages, and warehouse or retail security—our wire mesh partitions ensure a perfect fit for your unique requirements.

As an active member of MHI and a charter member of the Protective Guarding Manufacturers Association (ProGMA), we are dedicated to delivering top-notch solutions, all of which are proudly manufactured at our facility in Seymour, Indiana.


BeastWire - ApplicationsLearn about commonly used applications for the BeastWire product line. Download
BeastWire - LockersBeastWire lockers are an ideal fit for universities, military applications, sports teams, and condos/apartments (tenant storage).Download
BeastWire - Mezzanine RailGuardBeastWire RailGuard is a full handrail system including a wire mesh infill and optional kickplate, using all standard BeastWire components. Download
BeastWire - Pallet Rack Safety SystemsBeastWire rack safety systems can be used to prevent items from falling off the back of a pallet rack bay.Download
BeastWire - Wire Mesh PartitionsBeastWire mesh partitions utilize universal components and hardware resulting in quick installations. Download
Centurion™ Pallet Rack RepairSay goodbye to costly downtime and say hello to quick, hassle-free pallet rack maintenance with Centurion™ Rack Repair Assemblies.Download
FordLogan - ApplicationsLearn about commonly used applications for the FordLogan woven wire product line. Download
FordLogan - Woven Wire PartitionsFordLogan woven wire partitions are a perfect solution when time and cost are critical.Download
RageWire Robotic GuardingRageWire is the most intuitive and cost-effective robotic guarding system on the market, comprised of just five simple components.Download


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  • The 5 Components of RageWire

  • SpaceGuard – Secure. Guard. Protect.

  • BeastWire Mesh Rack Safety: Prevent Industrial Acc

  • Need A Controlled Area For Damaged Products? Beast

  • When Security Is Needed--We Have You Covered with

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711 South Commerce Drive
Seymour, Indiana 47274

Ray Niemeyer
Phone: (812) 523-3044
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Brands / Products

  • AisleGuard
  • AisleGuard Industrial Guardrail, Bollards & Rack Guards
  • BeastWire®
  • BeastWire® Mesh Partitions
  • BeastWire® Mezzanine Railing
  • BeastWire® Pallet Rack Safety Systems
  • BeastWire® Storage Lockers
  • Centurion™
  • Centurion™ Pallet Rack Repair
  • FordLogan
  • FordLogan Woven Wire Partitions
  • RageWire®
  • RageWire® Robotic Guarding

Product Categories

  • Fabricated Metal Products
  • Loading Dock Equipment
  • Manufacturing Facility
  • Other Material Handling Equipment and Systems
  • Plant/Facility Equipment and Management
  • Protective Guarding
  • Safety Equipment & Ergonomics
  • Supply Chain Security and Cybersecurity
  • Tool Handling & Storage Systems
  • Warehousing and Storage

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