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Se-Kure Domes and Mirrors is the largest manufacturer of mirrored safety and security products in the US. Featuring the DomeVex line of our hybrid mirror for difficult blind spot solutions. The DomeVex has features from mirrored domes and convex mirrors. Digital, silkscreen printing and laser/cnc cutting capabilities of acrylic mirrors. Products produced with acrylic, polycarbonate, glass and stainless steel with a wide variety of backing options. High volume capabilities as a true manufacturer.


DomeVex IntroductionDomeVex Mirrors are a new option for difficult blind spot situations due to mounting restrictions. This line of mirrors provides a full 180 degree viewing angle at eye level. Great for T intersections and racking tunnel safety. The 42" DomeVex model has the most viewing area of any vertically mounted mirror in the industry. Ask for it by name!Download
Mirrored Dome OptionsFull and partial dome mirrors. From standard to specialty styles including safety borders, polycarbonate, backing options and partial shape and size options.Download
The Ultimate Outdoor MirrorThe DomeVex Outdoor Mirrors are the strongest in the industry against windy conditions. Our suggested 3 point mounting system resists wind from all directions. The built in mirror flange strengthens the mirror, prevention any flexing during the windiest storms. A full 180 degree view in an outdoor application is also a new unique safety solution.Download
Warehouse Mirror OptionsA few of our standard warehouse mirrors including the line of DomeVex Mirrors and our unique 60" Full Dome MirrorDownload
Warehouse mirror options A brief look at mirror types commonly used in warehouse and distribution center applications. Diagrams show the viewing angles that the mirror choice presents towards blind spots.Download

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