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NERAK provides sales, service and engineering consultation to a wide range of clients and industries throughout the world: airports, postal sorting, building materials, pharmaceutical, chemical and food processing, packaging and shipping and warehouse operations. Key geographical market areas are the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America and the Philippines.

Manufacturers of: Continuous Bucket Conveyors and Pendulum Bucket Conveyors for powder and bulk solids. Continuous Vertical Lift Units and Circulating Conveyors for boxes, container totes and similar products. Cooling Lines and Grid Belts for rubber cooling and other applications.


NERAK Bucket Elevator Inquiry FormPDF fillable bucket elevator inquiry form. NERAK Bucket Elevators are available in several bucket sizes to match your material flow requirements and minimize the space needed for the conveyor. Every Bucket Conveyor is designed to match your needs. Made from standardized sections we will match your on site requirements for each conveyor.Download
NERAK Continuous or Pendulum Bucket ConveyorsIncorporating single or multiple feed points, bucket elevators accommodate all grades of product from delicate pharmaceuticals to heavy sand and gravel. Both continuous bucket and pendulum bucket systems are built to customer specifications.Download
NERAK Continuous Vertical ConveyorsNERAK “S” or “C”-shaped conveyors are the classic choice when conveying a large quantity of goods between two levels. They are characterized by reliable operation 24 hours a day combined with a low maintenance level and a very gentle handling of the conveyed goods. Download
NERAK CVC Inquiry Form Use this form to submit specifications and receive a quote for continuous vertical conveyors.Download
NERAK excel CVC Inquiry Form Excel format - Use to submit specifications and receive a quote for continuous vertical conveyors.Download
NERAK Heavy Load CVCOver the years greater demands have been made on the s-shaped conveyor, calling for increased capacities and heavier individual loads at the same time. NERAK has met this challenge by developing the heavy duty series S 631/55/100 for individual loads of 4,400lbs (2 tons) at throughput rates up to 400 pallets per hour at lifting heights up to 65 ft Download
NERAK Portal LiftNERAK Portal Lift is designed for payloads up to 440lbs (200kg). A carrier guided in 2 steel tracks and fixed to two NERAK rubber block chains is lifted and lowered by a geared broke motor. Multiple stations can be supported. Electrical services to the carrier are supplied via cable chain. Lifting system is designed to operate with or without countDownload
NERAK Reciprocating Conveyor KH15For heavy loads up to 3,300 lbs (1.5 tons) NERAK can offer the heavy-duty S-shaped conveyor where large quantities have to be handled, and the heavy-duty reciprocating conveyor KH15 that is more suitable for lower throughputs and where several levels have to be served.Download
NERAK Reciprocating Conveyor KH253For moving totes, boxes or parcels from 4lbs to 440lb (200kg) between different floors the NERAK reciprocating elevator KH253 can provide an economical solution. The lifting platform can incorporate a reversing roller or belt conveyor to feed on or off at any level.Download

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