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Storopack, Inc. is a global leader in the protective packaging industry. Based out of Metzingen, Germany with North American headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio - Storopack manufactures protective packaging machines, pack materials, and designs integrated delivery systems in over 14 different countries. Storopack's core product line consists of AIRplus® inflatable air cushions, PAPERplus® paper pads, FOAMplus® foam cushions, and Pelaspan® loose-fill chips. Storopack has 21 North production facilities in North America and more than 45 combined manufacturing and distribution locations worldwide.


AIRplus® Product BrochureAIRplus® Brochure detailing the features and benefits of all AIRplus® systems, materials, and equipment integrations. Download
BUBBLEplus® BrochureBUBBLEplus® is a versatile packing material that can be used to wrap virtually any type of product. Its superior burst strength offers reliable protection for your products, absorbing shock and cushioning them against impact during shipping.Download
Cold Seal Packaging BrochureCold Seal Packaging brochure details all the features and benefits of cold seal packaging by eliminating the need for small boxes or bubble mailers. Download
FOAMplus® BagPacker2 and HandPacker2 BrochureFOAMplus® BagPacker2 and HandPacker2 detailing the features and benefits of our newest FOAMplus® systems. Download
FOAMplus® Pre-MoldingFOAMplus® Pre-Molding is the economical and ergonomic solution to produce foam cushions on-site or offsite at 1 of 19 Storopack manufacturing facilities. Download
FOAMplus® Product BrochureFOAMplus® Product Brochure detailing the features and benefits of all FOAMplus® systems, materials, services, and equipment integrations.Download
MAILERplus® Product BrochureMAILERplus® is a lightweight, durable packaging product that offers reliable cushioning protection and lowers your shipping costDownload
PAD LOC® Product BrochurePAD LOC® is a versatile, ready-to-use cushioning pad that contours to the shape of any product. Alternative solution to foam-in-bag or pre-molded foam. Download
PAPERplus® Papillion BrochurePAPERplus® Papillion is our newest PAPERplus® system producing paper pads perfect for small and medium-sized parcels. Download
PAPERplus® Product BrochurePAPERplus® Brochure detailing the features and benefits of all PAPERplus® systems, materials, and equipment integrations.Download
PELASPAN® Loose Fill Brochure PELASPAN® Loose Fill is the classic product made of EPS - recyclable or BIO - biodegradable peanuts. Download


  • AIRmove² - Air cushions in a few easy steps

  • Fill parcels with Chevron paper packaging from Sto

  • FOAMplus Bag Packer² - PT – Storopack

  • PAPERplus® Papillon - EN - Storopack

  • Storopack paper padding unit and packaging materia

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