About Bishamon Industries Corporation

"We're Working Harder to Make Your Job Easier!"
Bishamon Industries Corporation is known globally as a leading manufacturer of the most highly engineered ergonomic products. Not only does their devotion to detail and quality make them the best in the industry, but their consistent desire to better themselves results in breakthrough products you can't find anywhere else.
Keeping ergonomics, safety and productivity in mind, Bishamon provides a wide variety of products to fit almost any need.


  • Bishamon LiftPilot

  • UniLift from Bishamon Industries


  • Bishamon Model LV & LVE SkidLifts HD

  • Bishamon ESX MobiLeveler HD

  • Bishamon LX Series LowProfile Work Positioner HD


EZ Loader LiteratureLearn about Bishamon's famous EZ Loader with the "EZ Loader Series" literature.Download
Lift Pilot LiteratureRedefining the Standard of Pallet Positioners Introducing a product unparalleled to anything in the industry: The Bishamon LiftPilot. This leading-edge product allows optimal space saving and ergonomic working for a better and safer work environment.Download
UniLift LiteratureBishamon continues to reinvent the industry. Learn more about the UniLift.Download

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5651 East Francis Street
Ontario, CA 91761

Bishamon Support
Phone: 800-358-8833
Fax: 909-390-0060

Brands / Products

  • Blue Label
  • CompacLift
  • EZ Loader
  • EZ Off Lifter
  • EZ Up
  • EZ X Loader
  • Lift Pilot
  • Lo-Profile LX Series
  • MobiLeveler
  • MobiLift
  • Optimus LK Series
  • SkidLift
  • UniLift

Product Categories

  • Lift Products
  • Machinery
  • Manufacturing Facility
  • Safety Equipment & Ergonomics

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