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Since our founding in 1947, Autoquip Corporation has designed and built standard and custom lift equipment for major industries worldwide. In doing so, we have established ourselves as the leader in custom material handling equipment. We have leveraged our 75 years of experience to continuously improve our product offering, engineering approach, and incorporate the latest technology and components. Our complete line of lifting products, controls capabilities and integrative solutions coupled with our extensive industry experience allows us to offer our customers innovative solutions to improve their manufacturing processes. Our high skilled sales team and our group of talented engineers have built a reputation for taking on some of the most unique custom equipment design projects and delivering exceptional solutions. We take time to understand your application requirements and design and build an innovative solution that aligns with your goals.

Case Studies

» Aircraft Weighing System with Wireless HMI Controls
» Pit Mounted Scissors Lift Improves Loading Parts To Overhead Conveyor
»“Pacman” Tilter A Classic Original
»Air Bearing Portable Lift and Turn
»Air Cargo Lifts Handle Large Containers
»Air-Powered Transport Lift For Spacecraft Manufacturing
»Automated VRC System For Retail Backroom
»Automobile Transfer Lift
»Autoquip’s 4 Post Mechanical Freightlift Moves Stage Props for Historic Staten Island Theatre
»Autoquip's New Dock Lift Replaces Old Failing One
»Battery Operated Portable Tork 2 Scissor Lift
»Carousel Work Platform with Special Tooling Fixture
»CNH America – Tractor Tire Lift
»Contoured Work Platform for Forging Process
»Custom Tilter Improves Ergonomics for Aerospace Tooling for Assembly and Testing
»Custom Work Platform with Circular Opening for Jet Engine Assembly
»Dual Hinge Tilter for Stacking and Loading Infiltration System Chambers
»Dual Ram Lift Used to Move Large Reels of Wire and Cable for Testing
»Electro-Mechanical Freightlift Transports Pallets to Conveyor Line
»End of the Line Lift for Truck Assembly
»Explosion Proof Turntable
»Extra Wide Dual Cylinder Scissor Lift For Debris Impact Testing
»Fixed Rail-Elevating Work Platform Shuttles and Slides
»Giant Platform Lift Integrates with Conveyor System for HVAC Manufacturer
»Groove Feed Table for Pipe Fabrication
»Heavy-Duty Powered Scissor Lift Integrates With Automated Robotic Stacking Line
»High Cycle Scissor Lift Keeps Ornamental Fence Production on Schedule
»High Speed VRC for Disney Gift Shop
»Hydraulic Freight Lift Moves Educational Equipment Between Floors
»Hydraulic Freight Lift Transports Waste Removal Pipe Systems
»Hydraulic Straddle VRC Moves Automotive Parts
»Inspection Work Platform Lift
»Integrated Pipe-Handling And Rack Lift System
»Ladle Lift - Double Pantograph Scissor Lift
»Ladle Lift For Steel Refractory Process
»Lift System for Jet Inlet Assembly
»Lift, Tilt & Turn for Painting Process of Intricate Oil & Gas Industry Parts.
»Lifts from the Ocean Floor
»Load Cell Lift System Weighs Stacked Drilling Pipe
»Mechanical Jet Engine Lift
»Mobile Work Stands with Retractable Circular Section
»Paint Lift for Aircraft Components
»Paper-Loading Scissor Lift System
»Portable Scissor Lift Cart with One Touch Control System
»Powered AutoTilt
»Quad High Scissor Lift for Texas A&M Kyle Field Stadium
»Quad Lift Platform For Jet Engine Test Cell
»Scissors Lifts Integrate with Vehicle Turntable
»Series 35 Scissor Lift Mounts to Automatic Guided Vehicle for Seeding Process
»Series 35 Scissor Lift Used On Oil Field Truck to Lift Control Cabin
»Sidewalk Lift for Basement Access
»Single-Leaf Bascule Bridge Spans Waterway for Golf Cart Crossing
»Smarter Than Ever. AQ Connect, The Adaptive and Intuitive Control System with Self-diagnostic Monitoring.
»Special Air Cargo Lift with Powered Rollers & Caster Deck
»Specialized Scissors Lift For Refractory Installation
»T2 Scissor Lift Track Mounted with Manual Turntable
»Tight Space for Coil Inspection Solved by Special Series 35 Double Long Scissors Lift
»Torklift to benefit the Arts
»Two Mechanical Freight Lifts Better Than One For Busy Mini Cooper Dealership
»Valet-Operated Parking Lift
»Vertical Lifts for Aircraft Parts
»VRC 4-Post Mechanical Freight Lift Provides a Better Way to Move Home Goods for IKEA
»VRC Designed to Precise Measurement Requirements
»Washdown Lift Application For Major Food Company
»Work Platforms for Welding Stations
»XLR Zero - Ground-level Loading Dock


MECHANICAL FREIGHT LIFT STREAMLINES RESIN MIXING(2) Mechanical FreightLifts integrate with automated conveyor system to streamline resin mixing process. Download
90 Degree Upender Greatly Reduces Wellhead AssemblAutoquip's 40,000 lb. capacity Upender Tilt Lift improves an oil and gas well assembly process. Download
Autoquip BrochureStandard Product Brochure includes scissor lifts, dock lifts, turntable, tilters and VRCs.Download
Bascule Bridge and Scissor Lift Combination for InFlexible dock lift solution for challenging dock environment.Download
Free Standing Automotive Lift for Beverly Hills PoAutoquip modifies a freightlift straddle and cantilever design to create a free-standing automotive lift for Porshe dealer. Download
Hydraulic Straddle VRC Moves Motorcycles to Upper Hydraulic straddle VRC takes bikes safely to the upper level for storage at Harley Davidson dealership. Download
Inspection Work Platform LiftWork Platform Lift provides safety and fixed positioning for aircraft inspection application.Download
Lift System for Jet Inlet Assembly Autoquip designed 360 degree scaffold lift platforms for jet assembly inside and outside of the inlet.Download
Mechanical Freight Lift Positions New Cars in a “JSpecial designed open back mechanical cantilever freight lift for car dealer showroom display. Download
Mulitple VRC Set Up Improves Workflow EfficiencyCustomer's workflow efficiencies and storage capacity improved by adding several Autoquip Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors to manufacturing facility.Download
Work Platforms for Welding Stations(2) Extra Wide Double Long Work Platforms Improve Welding Process.Download


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