Ergonomics & Lean Two-Hour Online Course

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This dynamic agenda covers the basis of two fundamentally important drivers that will help you sell more effectively and sell more profitably

The course will cover industrial ergonomics

  • What it is, why it's important and the benefits of ergo
  • Trends in the workplace (aging, obesity, fitness, wellness, etc.)
  • Quick review of work physiology and its effects on fatigue/injury
  • Basic ergonomic stressors and risk factors for force and movement
  • How to recognize stressors in the industrial workplace

The course will cover basic Lean Principles

  • Defining basic lean values and how each offers a benefit
  • Recognizing lean values in manufacturing, assembly and warehousing
  • Understand the drivers, such as Continuous Improvement

Ergonomics Checklist & Solutions Guide

  • Learn observation techniques to do a productive plant walk-thru
  • Make equipment recommendations based on their ergonomic or Lean benefits.
  • Includes simple benchmarks on manual material handling tasks, like lifting, carrying, etc.

Here's what we are hearing back from attendees...
"I'm also very excited about the Industrial Ergo-Lean check list. A great tool for my use but also what a great tool to put in the hands of my distributor sales people."
- Pete S.

"One of my biggest take aways was COMMWIP or the Seven Deadly can be used to justify the initial purchase through a reasoned return on investment argument."
- Randy M.

"...I picked up some additional knowledge, and really appreciated the ergo plant walk-thru checklists."
- Pam H

"...Pointing out the operator and material motion wastes will help the customers see the advantages of having one of our machines."
- Victor P.

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Purchase Training Course    Download PDF