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The WRT Sector Council (WRT – Wholesale Retail Trade) is part of NIOSH's (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) NORA program. The WRT program works with partners in industry, labor, trade associations, professional organizations, and academia. The WRT was formed to accomplish two main goals:

  1. to develop a sector-specific strategic plan for the nation to address the most important work-related health and safety concerns, and
  2. to maximize impact through partnerships by promoting widespread adoption of improved workplace practices based on research results.
WRT Sector News Bulletin
If you have 3-5 minutes, check out NIOSH's latest WRT Sector News Bulletin. It has three short stories for the professional serving the needs of the businesses in the wholesale and retail trade sector.
Winter 2019 – January 2020
NORA WRT co-chairs
New Publication
April 2018, Issue 12
Slips, Trips, Falls by Wayne S. Maynard, CSP, CPE
NORA Wholesale and Retail Trade
Revised National Agenda
August 2017, Issue 11
This article summarizes WRT discussions on workplace safety and health factors and injury prevention in grocery stores.
May 2017, Issue 10
WRT Injuries from Contact with Objects
February 2017, Issue 9
Business Successes with Effective Workplace Safety Programs
October 2016, Issue 8
A Special Invitation: Participants for WRT Sector Council
WRT Four Priority Areas and What We Do
July 2016, Issue 7
Sleep Deficiency (Fatigue), Pain, & Loss of Productivity in Retail Work
WRT At A Glance Program Performance One-Pager
Worker Fatigue Five Facts to Save Your Life
April 2016, Issue 6
A Closer Look At Overexertion Injury Prevention
BLS Publishes NonFatal Data on Workplace Injuries and Illnesses
Study to Prevent violenCe in Convenience Stores
December 2015, Issue 5
NIOSH National Center for Productive Aging & Work
Health & Productivity: An Emerging Retail Business Strategy
Use Crowd Management for Large Sales Events
October 2015, Issue 4
NIOSH Youth@Work Talking Safety
NIOSH NEW eDoc Grocery
Warehouse Safety Partnership
July 2015, Issue 3
Reduce Material Handling Injuries
Stages of Change Model
Emerging Issues: Aging and Risk of Injury
April 2015, Issue 2
Preventing Work-Related Motor Vehicle Crashes
NIOSH Exhibit at FMI Conference
Small Business Retail Violence Prevention Qualitative Study
January 2015, Issue 1
Workplace Solutions: Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls
Ergonomic Solutions: for Retailers
Emerging Issues in WRT
July 2011, Issue 7
Kickoff speakers for the MMH Workshop
Latest News from
NIOSH and Industry Updates
May 2011, Issue 6
NIOSH and Industry Updates
Inside the MMH Workshop Planning Committee
Ohio Workers’ Comp Bureau Offering Safety Grants to Wholesale, Retail Employers
March 2011, Issue 5
At the Applied Ergonomics Conference
NIOSH and Industry Updates
Inside the MMH Workshop Planning Committee
Simple Solutions and Lessons Learned
January 2011, Issue 4
Aging and Diverse Workforce
NIOSH and Industry Update
Inside the MMH Workshop Planning Committee
High Risk Subsectors Data System
Fall 2010, Issue 3
Is your job affecting your health?
NIOSH Research and Projects
Inside the MMH workshop planning committee
Do you need a ROI calculator?
Fall 2010, Issue 2
The High Cost of Overexertion
What Makes a Healthy Workplace?
Inside the MMH Workshop Planning
What’s new at OSHA?
Fall 2010, Issue 1
Ergonomics Contributes to Workforce Efficiency and Productivity
Are You Using Your Workers’ Comp Data to “Encourage Workplace Safety”?
New Source for WRT Sector News
Follow Up from January 2010 WRT Sector Council Meeting
Contact Details
April 2007, Issue 5
Save the Date - Prevention through Design Workshop
Prevention of Slips, Trips, and Falls
MMH-Leading Source of Workers’ Comp Claims
Let’s Meet Face-to-Face
What’s New in the WRT News
March 2007, Issue 4
WRT Public Health Practice Projects (PHPPs)
Serious Workplace Injuries Cause Financial Impact
Safe Practices for Motor Vehicle Operations
What’s New in the WRT News
February 2007, Issue 3
Universality of Disability – Focus on the Workplace
Economic Cost and Event, Injury & Illnesses - Retail
WRT Musculoskeletal Disorders: Progress Report
What’s NRF?
What’s New in the WRT News?
January 2007, Issue 2
What’s BLS?
Top 10 Nonfatal Injuries and Illnesses in WRT
Employee Cost for Employee Compensation
Employment in Wholesale and Retail Trade 1996-2005
What’s New in the WRT News
December 2006, Issue 1
Why This E-Bulletin
Wholesale and Retail Trade Sector First Meeting
Reduce Vehicle Crashes
What’s Wrong With a 12-Hour Workday
What’s New in the WRT News