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OneCharge is a US manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries for the material handling industry. We offer a forklift battery for all makes and models of lift trucks (Class I, II, and III forklift types), airport ground support equipment, aerial platforms, and more. OneCharge manufactures a Li-ion power pack for every battery-powered forklift.
Lithium forklift batteries reduce labor costs and improve forklift efficiency and uptime. Select your battery from over 600 options for all forklift types, makes, and models. Forget about maintenance and focus on operations.


7 Steps to Choose a Forklift BatteryInfographic to guide you through the selection of a forklift battery.Download
AGVs and Li-ion Batteries. A Match Made in Heaven.Automation brings unprecedented opportunities for the warehouses to improve operating efficiency and reduce costs. This case study explores how Li-ion batteries fit AGVs power requirements.Download
Lithium battery segment reviewThis review will cover one segment of this big market: batteries for material-handling equipment (MHE) like forklifts, lift trucks, and pallet jacks.Download
OneCharge Lithium Batteries BrochureOneCharge Lithium Ion Batteries for motive applications. 0ver 600 models, battery management system, national service and support. POWER YOUR PERFORMANCE!Download
Paper and Pulp Industry Case StudyLi-ion batteries are better suited to meet the needs of the paper industry three-shift-a-day operations in the stevedoring, mill, warehousing, shipboard, transporting operations or harsh recycling applications. Clean and safe Lithium batteries are powerful enough to support the most demanding applications, increase runtime, and reduce energy costs.Download


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