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Electro Kinetic Technologies is an innovative manufacturer of motorized ergonomic solutions to lift and move payloads from 50 lbs. to 40,000 lbs. Customers in the aerospace, automotive, petrochemical, food & beverage, mining, and healthcare to name a few, depend on our solutions to reduce employee injuries and save them money.

We offer an extensive and continually expanding product line of motorized ergonomic solutions that include; motorized platform carts, scissor lift carts, electric tuggers, industrial transfer carts, gas cylinder delivery carts, linen carts, laundry carts, stock picking carts and custom motorized solutions.

For applications where a standard product will not work, our technical staff collaborates directly with our customers to help define solutions to meet their specific requirements.


Aerospace Industry-Case StudyWhen NASA was looking to build a cart to move equipment used in the servicing of their jet engines, it became apparent that the push/pull forces necessary to move the 2,000 pound cart raised the potential for employees to sustain injuries during transport. The carts also needed to be designed to allow them to mount their gear and equipment on top.Download
Fabrication Industry-Case StudyOne of our distributors ran into a problem when looking into ergonomic, motorized platform carts for a manufacturing client. The client needed to be able to move very long and heavy pieces of steel, sometimes weighting up to 2 tons. The length of the pieces made solutions such as a forklift non-viable. Download
Home Improvement Industry-Case StudyAn international window and door manufacturer needed a motorized solution that could load, unload, and transport 16 foot long pieces of material between a storage area and work cell. The solution that was designed for them incorporated a powered drive system and hydraulic lift that was driven off the on-board rechargeable batteries.Download
Industrial Automation Industry-Case StudgyA large international industrial client needed to move a 3,500 pound payload through tight spaces while minimizing excessive push/pull forces that cause employee injuries. Working with the client, we designed a custom solution that integrated their automation system on top of the platform and housed the batteries & electronics in an IP66 enclosure.Download
Musculoskeletal Disorders-White PaperThis is a three part series that provides answers to some relevant questions regarding MSD injuries including: What are MSD injuries? What do they cost you as an employer. How can they be prevented?Download
Petrochemical Industry-Case StudyA Fortune 500 company in the petrochemical industry needed to move 8,000 pounds of 40 foot pipe through their plant and over inclines. Working with the client a custom cart was designed that included an onboard scale and wireless control.Download
Retail Industry-Case StudyWorking with the engineers at Electro Kinetic Technologies, a cart designer came up with a motorized solution that would allow the kiosks to be moved quickly and effortlessly throughout the airport environment even on inclines. The final cart design provided all of the necessary product display space including storage for the operator. Download
Retractable Drive Solution-Case StudyWorking with an automobile manufacturer, we developed a customized, retractable drive system that allowed their trailers to be towed. Download
Retrofitting Manual Carts with a Powered DriveThis paper discusses the benefits of adding a powered drive system to an existing manual cart to eliminate excessive push/pull forces. Several examples are shown from a variety of industries.Download


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