About FilmLOC Inc.

FilmLOC® manufactures INTELLI-PLAC® reusable label holders for labeling and re-labeling almost anything – including returnable containers, totes, bins, pallets, shelves, equipment, warehouse racking, manufactured goods in process, shipping crates, trade show containers and other items.

INTELLI-PLAC® reusable label holders are the INTELLIgent PLACard Choice because they are sustainable, save you time & money and can be used in any business or industry. Proudly manufactured in Georgia, USA by a WBENC certified Women's Business Enterprise.

INTELLI-PLAC® reusable label holders are made with no silicone top coating and are the only green placard - they can be recycled with plastic containers.

Our new Silver Series with Biomaster® offers durable antimicrobial product protection against the growth of damaging microbes. They can be sanitized without destroying the integrity of the placard.

We also offer specialty tapes, digital printers and supplies for any industry.


Maximize Warehouse Productivity Without AutomationThis case study shows how Paccar Parts utilizes INTELLI-PLAC label holders exclusively for racks and containers/sleeves/bins with the "Go for the Green" system. Download
New SILVER Series Antimicrobial PlacardOur newest INTELLI-PLAC® placard label holder, the SILVER SERIES, is protected 24/7 with Biomaster® silver ion antimicrobial technology. This ensures a 99.9% cleaner surface from damaging microbes versus untreated surfaces. The durable Biomaster® protection will last the lifetime of the INTELLI-PLAC® placards. 100% RecyclableDownload
Why INTELLI-PLAC is the INTELLIgent PLACard ChoiceWhen you choose INTELLI-PLAC for your placard label holders you are choosing sustainability, time and money savings, efficiency, durability and more .... here is a short list of the benefits of the INTELLI-PLAC products - label and re-label almost anything Download
Why INTELLI-PLAC? Not all Placards are alike!Make the INTELLIgent PLACard Choice when you care about durability in extreme weather and with excessive cleaning, the environment (our placards are the ONLY 100% recyclable placards), no silicone usage, and a truly easy apply/re-apply of your labels eliminating the need to scrape off labels or leave a label residue mess behind. Check it out!Download



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  • Barcode Tracking Name Plates
  • Container Placard
  • Digital Label Printers including Memjet and Neuralog
  • FilmLOC
  • INTELLI-PLAC® Placards
  • INTELLI-PLAC® Reusable Placard Label Holders
  • NTELLI-PLAC® Reusable Table & Wall Covers
  • Placard Label Holder
  • Racking Placard Label Holders
  • RFID Capable
  • Sequential Barcode Placard
  • Sequential Numbering & Barcoding
  • Silver Series INTELLI-PLAC Antimicrobial

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  • Aerospace
  • Air Transportation
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  • Consumer Products
  • Distribution Center
  • Food and Beverage
  • Manifest, Labels and Labeling Devices
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