VEBAR is a manufacturer and nationwide provider of:
* innovative forklift battery chargers that auto detect battery voltage and battery capacity to achieve a perfect charge every charge
* wireless and remote forklift battery organizing and monitoring systems to greatly extend service life of your forklift batteries, use less energy and reduce repair and replacement costs.
* forklift safety solutions to remotely monitor forklifts and operators featuring access control, paperless pre-shift OSHA inspections, real time location services, PM management, forklift cameras and video recording.
* Centralized web portal with historic and real time data on all your operators, forklifts, batteries, chargers and video recording


Flexellent charger multi voltage, multi capacity Automatic battery voltage & capacity recognition. Super efficient HF modular technology. One charger for different forklift batteries Charges conventional, opportunity, fast & lithium batteries. Download
OSHA pre-shift Checklist, Access control forkliftElectronic pre-shift inspections on forklifts Only certified drivers with a valid license can operate vehicles in your warehouse Protect operators and keep all warehouse associates safe Reduce time, paper and energy by filing electronically Eliminate downtime due to improper maintained equipment Compatible with any make or type of vehicleDownload
Wireless battery monitoringAutomated 24/7 forklift battery health checks Always use fully charged and cooled batteries and prolong battery life Reduce maintenance, repair and replacement cost of expensive batteries Increase efficiency by starting shift with fully charged batteries Optimize your battery fleetDownload


  • 1 FLEXELLENT Battery charger can charger ALL your forklift batteries. A perfect charge-every charge.

  • Forklift Battery Charger with AUTO DETECT and ADAPT to Battery Voltage and Battery Capacity

  • Vebar Automated Battery Warning and Monitoring System

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