About Xtek, Inc.

Founded in 1909, Xtek has over a 100 years of experience supporting the crane industry. Xtek provides design, manufacturing, in house heat treatment, assembly, and reconditioning of mechanical crane components.

The Xtek Tool Steel Process (TSP) heat treatment of crane/track wheels, sheave wheels and brake wheels, have proven to improve performance and safely endure the rigorous of industrial and mill duty applications. In addition, Xtek manufactures industry leading carburized and through hardened custom gearing for specific applications, or to install into new and reconditioned gearbox assemblies. Xtek TSP rope drums utilize our superior metallurgical and design experience to increase life and provide safe performance.

Our regionally located and ISO-9001/14001 certified service centers support our customers 24 hour/ 7 day a week for emergency and breakdown needs. We invite you to consider Xtek for your next project.


Xtek Gearbox BrochureXtek reverse engineers, upgrades, and optimizes existing and OEM designs. Download
Xtek Rope Drum BrochureXtek services used and supplies new rope drum assemblies. Download
Xtek Wheel BrochureXtek reconditions used and manufactures new crane, track, sheave and brake wheel assemblies.Download


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Frank Petrek- Group V.P.
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