About OMNIA Wheel (Rotacaster Wheel Pty Ltd)

OMNIA™ (formerly Rotacaster) is the world leader in the design and manufacture of omni wheels.

Omni wheels provide 360° movement capability for fixed wheel applications, without the need for swivel mounts. Unlike caster wheel alternatives, omni wheels turn without turning and are more robust, impact and wear resistant.

OMNIA omni wheels provide intuitive movement capability for Robotics; deliver significant speed and safety ROI for Materials Handling applications; and offer endless diversion and sortation manipulations for Conveyor Transfers.

Australian made and patented, OMNIA omni wheels are used in more than 50 countries for a wide variety of powered and manual applications, and in sectors such as medical, disability, transport, logistics, manufacturing, warehousing, government and retail.

Get in touch to learn more about how OMNIA omni wheels could transform your product’s capability and ergonomic performance today.


  • Rotacaster Handtrucks Revolutionising the last 100

  • Modex Minute Omnia Wheel Sortation Solutions 2022

  • "MilkCrate" Rotatruck

  • Self Supporting Rotatruck

  • Milk Crate Truck

  • Gas Cylinder Truck


Omni Directional Sortation CapabilitiesOMNIA multi directional tables harness the unique capabilities of omni wheels to deliver 360° sortation solutions for logistics and manufacturing. Download the brochure to learn more about these highly flexible, reprogrammable tables.Download
Omni Wheel Product MapView the full OMNIA omni wheel range and specifications.Download
Rotatruck Gas Range of Self Supporting Hand TrucksThe gas range of Rotatrucks deliver enhanced productivity and safety through unparalleled ergonomic handling. The comprehensive range has been engineered to meet the specific needs to the gas handling sector, with single and dual cylinder options.Download
Self Supporting Rotatruck RangeThe Rotatruck range has been engineered to make materials handling easier, quicker and safer. The patented omni wheel base provides highly intuitive movement capability and load stability. The range can also be customised to meet your specific needs.Download

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