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The leader in industrial caster and wheel solutions for virtually every industry. At Caster Concepts, we treat customers the way we expect to be treated ourselves. Our reputation for honest and reliable business is tested and proven in each business transaction. Providing individual service at every stage of the relationship from pre-sale engineering to post-sale support, we go beyond standard to help select the heavy-duty caster that best suits your needs and budget. Our customers can order virtually any caster, any wheel, any model, for any application. Our goal is to achieve the highest degree of customer satisfaction. Headquartered in Albion Michigan.


Better Part Flow, Better QualityThe Fabricator Magazine March 2024 Issue: "Good quality control (QC) can be central to a fabricator’s success. If jobs don’t meet specs or the demands of downstream operations and the final customer, rework—the costliest form of waste—can skyrocket."Download
ERGOXCEL Helps Manufacturer Save $230,000 AnnuallyJohn Deere faced issues with monthly caster replacements on carts due to inexpensive imports with phenolic wheels. This raised costs and reduced productivity. They switched to ERGOXCEL™ casters, saving $236,000 yearly, eliminating maintenance, and enhancing cart operation for over 2 years, resulting in a 4-month ROI and increased productivity.Download
Extending AGV Battery Life with Heavy Duty CastersHeavy-duty casters, like Caster Concepts TWERGO, improve AGV battery life by reducing energy consumption, enhancing durability, and providing a smoother ride. They offer increased safety, maneuverability, reduced noise, and enhanced productivity. Choosing the right casters is important, and proper battery maintenance is crucial.Download
Overcoming Issues w/ Foreign Machinery-AutomotiveThe automotive industry relies on heavy-duty conveyor systems, often imported, for production. Sourcing replacement parts can be costly and time-consuming. Caster Concepts addressed this issue by reverse engineering and improving components, saving jobs and minimizing disruptions, offering cost-effective solutions for automotive manufacturers.Download
Patent for HaloDrive Omnidirectional Drive SystemsThis new technology provides a complete solution for precise yet unrestricted movement in the largest, heaviest, and most complex component handling applications.Download
Swift Spring-Loaded Solution for Jet Engine StandCaster Concepts quickly met a customer's unique caster needs, delivering a custom caster in just 4 weeks instead of the typical 20+ weeks from overseas suppliers. The swift production saved the customer approximately $160,000 to $320,000 in potential aircraft downtime costs. For more information: Give us a call 888-772-6790Download
TWERGO ™ – Ergonomic Casters Concepts has developed, and patented, an exciting new motion solution - the TWERGO wheel (Twin Wheel Ergonomic). Designed for a wide variety of industrial applications, casters that utilize TWERGO wheels provide easier movement of loaded carts or vehicles. Download
TWERGO® Earns Certification from ErgonautsCaster Concepts announced that their innovative TWERGO® ergonomic caster wheel has earned the industry’s first Ergonauts ergonomic approval. The Ergonauts approval confirms that TWERGO® heavy-duty industrial casters have been tested and validated to reduce push forces by 55% compared with traditional casters.Download


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