WiIPOTEC - OCS supplies high precision & high-speed in-motion scales designed to increase throughput in warehouse and logistics applications. We provide technical solutions that include standard in-motion scales for speeds up to 400 ft/min. One solution utilizes two scales in succession and the other using our new smart belt technology. All systems include Magnetic Force Restoration and offer a high level of precision and fast measurement times.


DWS Dimensioning Weighing Scanning SystemTechnical Data Sheet for DWSDownload
Dynamic CatchweigherThe perfect solution for precise and quick weight calculation.Download
EC-M-EVO Dynamic ScaleTechnical Data Sheet for EC-M-EVODownload
EC-M-SL-SITechnical Data Sheet for EC-M-SL-SIDownload
HC-FL-2Technical Data Sheet for HC-FL-2Download

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  • DWS - Dimensioning Weighing Scanning
  • EC-E-EVO
  • HC-FL

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