About QTEK Design

QTEK Design provides warehouse solutions to increase safety and productivity for Food and Beverage distributors, pharmaceutical, "Big Box" retail and beyond.

Working with some of the most exciting brands in the market such as Coca Cola, DHL, Pepsi and Sysco, QTEK products are the safest, easiest, and most flexible solution to efficiently separate, stack and combine layers of products, or exchange, dispense, and store pallets.


DStacker (Pallet Dispenser)The DStacker GS Pallet Dispenser is a revolutionary pallet delivery system that can operate without electrical, pneumatic or hydraulic power!Download
High Density Pallet TowerBrand new storage solution can hold up to 100 pallets, increasing safety in your warehouse.Download
PalletX (Pallet Exchanger)Say "Goodbye" to inferior Pallet Inverters and "Hello" to the worlds first NO INVERTING, no pushing, no damage Pallet Exchanger! Exchanges pallets in under a minute. Download
The Bomber (Layer Splitting/Damage Case Removal)If you're increasing/decreasing the height of loads on a pallet, or need to remove a damaged case... The Bomber is the solution for you.Download


  • QTEK Presents - The World's Greatest Pallet Dispenser!

  • QTEK presents: The Pallet Tower

  • QTEK Presents - A Demonstration Of The Bomber Vs Human

  • QTEK Presents - How to Exchange a Pallet in 50 Seconds!

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