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METTLER TOLEDO is a leading global supplier of precision automatic dimensioning technologies for the transportation and logistics industry. MT solutions are fully integrated into any IT environment, provide numerous opportunities to recover revenues and save operation costs, and improve automation supply chain workflows through accurate weighing, dimensioning and identification. Our laser scanners are able to work in all lighting conditions and can dimension objects of any shape, color, and surface finish.

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DHL Aviation Case StudyMETTLER TOLEDO UK has installed a number of highly advanced package and pallet scanning technologies at DHL, the most recent being DHL Aviation’s extensive air freight logistics division at East Midlands Airport.Download
Dimensioning, Weighing, and Scanning Buyer's GuideThe purpose of this guide is to provide practical and educational information to both experienced and first-time buyers of automatic dimensioning, weighing and scanning (DWS) systems. It is intended to provide more comprehensive information than you find in sales brochures. This guide aims to answer the questions “how” and “why.”Download
Yamato Packing Case StudyTo improve processes and save money, Yamato Packing invested in the CSN840 Pallet™ Data Capture Solution from METTLER TOLEDO. Download


  • VFS120 Forklift Scale - Robust, Safe, Accurate Wei

  • Cut weighing time in half with the VFS120 Forklift

  • METTLER TOLEDO's CSN840 Pallet™ in action

  • See the TLX MultiCapture™ from METTLER TOLEDO live

  • Southeastern Freight Lines CSN840 Case Study

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  • CargoScan TLX Multicapture
  • CSN210MassFlow
  • CSN810Tabletop
  • CSN840Pallet
  • Garvens Checkweighing
  • Hi-Speed
  • VFS120 Forklift Scale

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