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We’ve been designing pallet drop safety gates to secure the ledges of pallet drop areas on mezzanines and rack picking systems for over 40 years. Our safety gates have been installed in hundreds of material handling and manufacturing facilities in virtually every industry.

We invented the original dual safety gate system, the Roly® Safety Gate, and offer a full safety gate product line for fall protection on elevated ledges and pallet drop areas inside the facility, within rack structures, pick modules, production platforms and in the loading dock. Our safety gate models can fit into any application and we have expertise in custom engineered solutions.

All models meet OSHA regulations and ANSI standards. Safety gates can be made with power operation and radio frequency for remote and no-touch operation. Sensors for WMS integration are options for any of our safety gate designs. Product containment netting can be added to the Roly and Tri-Side models.


Custom Engineered Safety GatesWe've been customizing safety gate solutions for over 30 years, and can create a solution to meet the safety needs for your specific application. Challenge us!Download
Dock Lift Safety Gate Product SheetDock Lift safety gates are self-closing gates that automatically open when the loading dock lift is on ground level or aligned with the dock so material can be transferred on and off the lift. The safety gates secure ledges of loading dock lifts, pit-mounted dock lifts and scissor lifts, providing fall protection for employees riding the lifts.Download
Fall Protection and Product ContainmentProtect your personnel and products from falling from ledges of pallet drop areas with one system. The Roly safety gate can now be manufactured with netting for the ledge gate to contain products larger than 2 inches.Download
Open Top Safety Gate Product SheetThe Open Top Safety Gate integrates with overhead vacuum or chain hoists in areas with tall pallet loads. The safety gate has no overhead mechanics and maintains a safe environment on the platform at all times.Download
Pallet Flow Safety Gate Product SheetThe Pallet Flow safety gate secures ledges of multiple deep pallet flow lanes on a structural mezzanine or rack supported pick module. Available in freestanding or rack supported designs, the gates can be custom fit for any pallet flow lane or rack bay.Download
Pivot Safety Gate Product SheetThe original Pivot safety gate uses dual-counterbalanced gates interconnected with a pivoting framework to maintain a safe environment at all times. The model is available in a High Pallet Pivot model that can accommodate pallets up to 80" tall, and is ideal for process mezzanines or hostile environments.Download
Product Containment Pallet Drop Safety GatePrevent employees and products from falling from elevated pallet drop areas by adding product containment netting to your mezzanine safety gates. This option can be retrofit to existing pallet drop gates and added to new orders.. Download
Rack Supported Safety Gate Product SheetDesigned to integrate with pallet rack in a high bay picking module, the Rack Supported safety gate can be configured in a variety of models. Using the existing pallet rack for support, the model takes up a minimum amount of space while keeping workers safe at all times.Download
Roly Safety Gate Product SheetLearn more about the advantages of the original dual-gate safety system, the Roly Safety Gate.Download
Total Control Access (TCA) Safety GateIdeal for providing fall protection in pallet drop areas in high volume fulfillment centers and automated material handling, the TCA safety gate is a power-operated dual-gate system with gates working independently, not in tandem. One gate stays fully closed until the other is stopped moving and in the closed position.Download
Tri-Side Safety Gate Product SheetThe Tri-Side safety gate is a dual-gate system that is ideal for production platforms, walkways or where depth on the platform is limited. Pallets can be removed straight back into the area or to either ninety degree side.Download


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