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At Felins, we use automation and prioritize sustainability to streamline your e-commerce packaging and order fulfillment operational processes. Ultrasonic banding has become more popular in e-commerce because of its simplicity and effectiveness, as well as its capacity for branding potential and license plating integration. It is used to bundle multi-item orders for conveyance, reduce excessive void fill, and secure products in a sustainable, attractive way.

Since 1921, we’ve worked to create alternative packaging machines and consumable materials to help give our customers a competitive advantage. We started with tying machines and have since grown to also offer paper & plastic banding, shrink wrapping, automated rubber banding, strapping equipment, adhesive-free labeling, and stretch film banding equipment. If you’re looking for innovative, sustainable packaging and banding alternatives, you’re in the right place.

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  • Void Fill Free Packaging for E-Commerce Shipping ATS US-2000 AD Banding Machine

  • Laundry Banding Labeling ATS US-2000 TRW-FD-MP-R Automated Banding System

  • Shoe Box Banding ATS US-2000 AD Banding Machine

  • Ultrasonic Banding For E-Commerce With Custom Box Sizing Equipment


Adhesive Free Labeling Machine - US-2000 MDM-PA sustainable labeling and bundling solution with recyclable paper, plastic, compostable, and pulpable materials. Featuring in-line license plating, variable data printing - our systems work well for 3PL and auto-boxing systems to ensure that products maintain their bundle shape as they travel via conveyors through the scanning and boxing process.Download
Ultrasonic Banding Machine - Model US-2000 ADOur Ultrasonic Bander uses a variety of sustainable materials including paper banding or recyclable plastic banding. Showcase products and protect delicate, high-end materials with our alternative to strapping, adhesive labeling and chipboard sleeving. Banding uses wide but thin material to keep a strong hold on products with no damage. Download

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