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For over 40 years, Euroroll has been the leading manufacturer of conveyor and storage technology in Europe. Whether pallet flow, carton flow or conveyor rollers, we offer the perfect solution for all industrial sectors. Euroroll has sales managers in many European countries, UK, USA and Canada to advise you on site.


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Carton Flow CatalogueAt the heart of Euroroll’s continuous picking systems are flow frames with integrated roller tracks, which ensure that the goods move safely and in a controlled manner from the infeed along a gradient to the picking area. Our robust flow frames are available in numerous variations.Download
Pallet Flow CatalogueThe Euroroll pallet flow systems use exclusively gravity-powered roller systems. This eliminates the need for expensive electrical wiring and additional power costs. Whether FIFO or LIFO systems, Euroroll offers the right storage solutions for all types of pallets.Download
Rollers OverviewIn addition to standard, beaded and toothed belt wheel rollers, we also offer Poly-V rollers, single and double chain wheels and conical rollers. Almost all combinations of drive/tube/bearing/axle are possible with us. Target-oriented and adapted to your requirements, we create a solution for your goods to be transported.Download

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