Crane Specifications and Technical Papers

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New CMAA Specification No. 70—2020—Multiple Girder Cranes
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This specification contains information which should be helpful to the purchasers and users of cranes and to the engineering and architectural professions. While much of this information must be of a general nature, the items listed may be checked with individual manufacturers and comparisons made which can lead to optimum selection of equipment.
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New CMAA Specification No. 74—2020—Single Girder Cranes
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This book promotes standardization and provides a basis for uniform quality and performance. It contains information which can be helpful for purchasers and users of cranes, as well as engineers and architects. Text consists of seven sections: general specifications, crane service classifications, structural design, mechanical design, electrical equipment, crane inquiry data sheet and glossary.
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CMAA Specification No. 78 – Professional Services
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CMAA SPECIFICATION NO 78 - STANDARDS AND GUIDELINES FOR PROFESSIONAL SERVICES PERFORMED ON OVERHEAD TRAVELING CRANES AND ASSOCIATED HOISTING EQUIPMENT - Specification 78 has been purposely developed by CMAA to recognize overhead traveling crane service and the service of associated hoisting equipment as an "industry" worthy of having guidelines and standards for providing high-quality, professional services performed by safety-minded, manufacturer-trained and certified technicians. With the introduction of Specification 78, CMAA intends to set higher performance standards and raise customer expectations related to the service of overhead traveling cranes and associated hoisting equipment.
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CMAA 70,74,78 (Paper Copy)
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Bundle includes
CMAA Specification 70 - 2015 - Multiple Girder Cranes CMAA Specification 74 - 2015 - Single Girder Cranes CMAA Specification 78 - 2015 - Professional Services
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CMAA Specification No. 79—Crane Operators Manual
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This 32-page manual has been prepared by the Engineering Committee of the Crane Manufacturers Association of America, Inc. Operation of an overhead or gantry crane involved more than operating the controls of the crane. The operator must consider and anticipate the motions and actions that will occur as a result of operating the controls. Specification 79 also lists qualification required to be a crane operator, as well as “shall and shall nots” for operators.
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CMAA Overhead Crane Inspection and Maintenance Checklist
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This checklist, published by the Crane Manufacturers Association of America, Inc., aids owners of overhead cranes when conducting periodic maintenance inspections. While the proper installation, operation, testing, and maintenance of cranes are a continuing responsibility of their owner/user in accordance with current approved standards, this checklist provides a minimal list of components to be inspected regularly.
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CMAA Crane Specification Development and Revisions

The CMAA crane specifications take their roots from The Electric Overhead Crane Institute, known as EOCI founded in 1927. It was founded by leading crane manufacturers of the day, to promote standardization, uniform quality and performance throughout the industry. In 1955, this voluntary association incorporated as The Crane Manufactures Association of America again and later under the banner of the Material Handling Institute (MHI). That specification has become the internationally recognized as CMAA Specification #74 last revised and published in 2015 along with other Specifications. Since that time, the member engineers of CMAA have continued this heritage with the same original interests. This effort requires a coordinated effort to stay in touch with technology, manufacturing and commercial changes affecting not only the overhead crane industry, but industry in general with an enhanced view towards safety. This also consists of continued monitoring of relevant general industry standards specifications including AWS, OSHA, AIST, ASME, AGMA, NEMA and ECMA to name just a few. A full list of related organizations can found in the Scope Section under General Specifications.

The work of maintaining Specifications 70, 74 and 78 has been taken up by the Engineering organization of CMAA on a continued volunteer basis and supported by member manufacturers headed by the CMAA Vice-President of Engineering. The Engineering organization formally meets twice a year and is further divided unto Mechanical, Electrical and Structural committees each with its own Chairperson, Assistant Chair and Secretary. Together they review industry changes and new technology that affect the specification and continually monitor the existing specifications for correctness, clarity and completeness. They also look for items and areas that have either not been covered in previous revisions or not in enough detail. This work and activity is assembled and recorded, by agreement of the Engineering groups and the approval of the Executive membership of CMAA, the decision to publish a revised Specification is confirmed.

Each Specification has a 5 year revision cycle. During each period, an exhaustive rewrite of the specification takes place and requires many months of discussions and documentation. All calculations, drawings, diagrams, symbols and charts are rigorously checked, corrected or updated if required. The Index, Glossary of Terms and Table of Contents are also harmonized with the document. The final revised specification is then returned to the various sub groups for review and notification of errata before going to final printing and distribution. A new Summary of Changes from the previous edition has also been added to provide a quick convenient way of checking exceptional changes.