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Geekplus is a global leader in mobile robotics technologies. We develop innovative robotics solutions for order fulfilment. More than 1,000 global industry leaders use our solutions to realize flexible, reliable, and highly efficient automation for warehouses and supply chain management. Founded in 2015, Geekplus has over 1,500 employees, with offices in the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Japan, South Korea, Mainland China, Hong Kong SAR, and Singapore.

Geekplus is the only company that offers a comprehensive suite of Goods-to-Person order fulfillment solutions – spanning the pioneering Shelf-to-Person and innovative Tote-to-Person and Pallet-to-Person robots – all on one platform. ? This one-stop shop for order fulfillment automation brings companies scalable solutions designed to fit a variety of picking requirements in a volatile, uncertain market. Customers turn to Geekplus order fulfillment robots offer flexibility, scalability and reliability.


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