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ROBOPAC is the leader in the design, production, and service of secondary packaging machines and equipment. We offer a full line of configurable machinery to stretch wrap, pack, palletize, erect, and seal any product in the food and beverage, personal care, pharmaceutical, dairy, distribution and most other industries.

Established in 1954, OCME is a leading packaging machinery company, headquartered in Parma - Italy, and operating globally, providing customers with premium, innovation-based solutions for packaging consumer goods. OCME is known worldwide as one of the most reliable and innovative leaders in the field of automated packaging machines and solutions.


Ecoplat semi-automatic stretch wrapperThe Ecoplat is a turntable stretch wrapper that wraps up to 30 loads per hour. Comes standard with 110? wrap height. This pallet wrapper is R-connect ready, which allows you to monitor and improve your packaging performance through remote assistance. It is available in the FRD version which has a panel LED display and a parameters selector by JOG.Download
Helix series automatic stretch wrappersThe Helix series are automatic rotary arm style stretch wrappers designed to provide a rugged, flexible and high capacity automatic stretch wrapping solution.Download
High infeed conventional palletizerUpper level infeed palletizers offer highest speeds.Download
Laser Guided VehiclesOur LGV vehicles integrate perfectly well to any palletizing end-of-line thanks to a wide range of highly modular and flexible solutions. In order to meet this demand, our Laser guided vehicles (LGV) movement management application: AGV Manager, as well as various battery change solutions have been developed.Download
Low infeed conventional palletizerLower level infeed palletizers work with existing floor-level conveyors.Download
MasterplatThe Masterplat is designed for customers wrapping 30 to 45 loads per day. It comes with productivity improving standards like a Self-Learning Wrap Program, 110? wrap height and a heavy duty 4,400 pound capacity turntable.Download
Robot Pick n Place palletizerFeatures the smallest automated palletizer footprint! Case flexibility, ease-of-use, and Category 3 PLd in one compact machine.Download
Robot S7 portable stretch wrapperThe Robot S7 is a new range of self propelled semi-automatic packaging machines. The Robot S7 includes the latest advanced technologies, the utmost attention to safety systems, a high level of packaging autonomy, and great work flexibility. This machine is built to wrap and stabilize palletized loads of any shape, size and weight, using stretch filDownload
Robotape 50 CFA Case Taper / Case SealerSide belt driven taping machine for random size boxes with automatic top flaps folding device.Download
Robotape 50 M Case Sealer / Case TaperTaping machines with side drive for sealing fixed format box, Robotape 50 M is the entry-level version of this range.Download
Robotape 50 ME Case Taper / Case SealerTaping machines with side drive for sealing fixed format box, Robotape 50ME is the entry-level version of this range.Download
Robotape CF Case Taper / Case SealerSide belt driven taping machines for uniform size boxes fitted with automatic top flaps folding device. Available in two different model 50 CF and 65 CF.Download
Rotary 708 semi-automatic stretch wrapperRotary arm stretch wrappers are ideal for wrapping heavy and unstable loads. The Rotary 708 with CUBE Technology is the most innovative rotary arm stretch wrapper on the market. It is also the easiest to use, thanks to its intuitive seven (7) inch color touchscreen. If you can operate a smart phone, you can operate a Rotary 708!Download
Rototech 708 CSPerfect for heavy and unstable loads. Save time and increase productivity with the automatic cut, clamp and spreading system (CS) which keeps your operator on the fork truck. The Rototech with CUBE Technology will reduce your film usage by 30% to 55%, improve your load containment and reduce potential product damage.Download
Rototech 708 CW semi-automatic stretch wrapperOur Rototech CW with CUBE Technology will reduce your film usage by 30% to 55%, improve your load containment and reduce potential product damage. This ensures that your product reaches your customer in “as-made” condition by maintaining proper wrapping standards. Download
RT Automatic stretch wrapperRT AUTOMATIC™ STRETCH WRAPPER SETS STANDARD FOR SPEED AND SAFETY At 17 RPM, this low to medium volume made in the USA automatic stretch wrapper sets the standard for speed and efficiency in its category.Download
Shrink Wrappers and Wrap Around Case PackersWith capacities of 20 to 85 PPM, Robopac USA shrink wrappers and wrap around case packers deliver precise product control to provide superior flexibility, reliable performance, ease of changeover, and low total cost of ownership. Most are available with Allen Bradley components and UL certification.Download
Starbox case erectorSemi-automatic carton erecting machine makes square cases that don’t jam.Download
Superbox case erectorThe Superbox is an automatic case erector machine that makes square cases that don’t jam. The Superbox high output case erecting retrieves the cardboard blanks, opens, folds and forms the boxes and then seals the bottom with tape. Three versions are available: Superbox 544, 545 and 645.Download
Technoplat 708 CSRobopac’s heavy duty clamp, cutting and spreading system on the Technoplat 708 CS can be counted on to work for you load after load. Most importantly, it allows you to keep your fork truck driver in the driver’s seat where they can be the most productive.Download
Technoplat 708 CWThe Technoplat 708 CW (Clamp, cutting and sealing unit) cuts and seals the film tail to the load for superior load containment. Our Remote Control start allows the fork truck operator to start the wrap cycle while staying on the fork truck. This allows them to leave the current load to pick up and stage another load which improves productivity.Download

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