About FastFetch Corporation

FastFetch Corporation was founded in 2006 with the objective of improving the speed and accuracy of piece picking by combining light-directed picking and putting technologies, wireless barcode scanning, and voice (output) into a single system that enabled a human operator to fulfill multiple orders with a single trip through the picking area. The solutions for Order Fulfillment, e-Commerce and right-sized packaging (IntelliPack) are genetically based algorithms using AI technology and are patented along with our state of the art hardware technology (lights).


FastFetch Cart based PickingFastFetch uses a patented, state of the art solution to provide organizations with the ability to determine the orders to picked on a given cart, determine the most efficient means of traversing through a distribution center, improving the accuracy of the pickers work. There is a proven ROI, savings to the bottom line and improved efficiencies.Download
FastFetch Put Wall SolutionsFastFetch Put Wall solutions use state of the art technology to provide efficient and cost effective means of consolidating orders, minimizing foot travel through a Distribution Center and improving operations, particularly with reverse logistics/returns.Download
FastFetch Shipping Cost OptimizationWith FastFetch's IntelliPack solution, companies can select the right size box for shipping products and significantly minimize the cost of shipping as it relates to reducing air being shipped, corrugated usage and minimizing dunnage used.Download


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