About Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR)

MiR develops and manufactures the industry’s most advanced range of collaborative and secure autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), which can quickly, easily and cost-effectively manage internal logistics, so that employees are free to carry out activities that create more value. Hundreds of medium-sized companies, major international enterprises, logistics centers and hospitals all over the world have installed MiR’s innovative robots. As a global market leader, MiR has a global distribution network with distributors in over 60 countries and regional offices in New York, San Diego, Singapore, Frankfurt, Barcelona, Tokyo, Seoul, and Shanghai. MiR has grown quickly since it was established in 2013, and its turnover has increased significantly every year. MiR was established by experienced experts from the Danish robotics industry and its main office is in Odense, Denmark. MiR has been part of Teradyne since 2018. For more information, visit www.mobile-industrial-robots.com


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90-9B Colin Drive
Holbrook, NY 11741

Maike Vidjeskog
Phone: 631-675-1838

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  • Mobile Industrial Robots

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  • Distribution Center
  • Manufacturing Facility
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