About CoGri USA Inc.

CoGri USA is a premier industrial concrete flooring specialist. We provide design, testing, and floor surveying, laser grinding, floor repair and refurbishment, combined with complete flooring solutions for automated warehouses and robotic systems across the US. CogriUSA consults, collaborates & design specs for specific automation products. Our solutions address AS/RS, VNA, AGV, G2P, TTP, AutoStore and more. As part of the CoGri Group, an international leading industrial flooring service provider, we design, build, and develop all our equipment, including the latest floor-measuring technology and our unique laser grinding system. Our innovative, high-quality solutions enhance the performance and longevity of our customer’s floors. Trusted by leading brands, we deliver excellence, one floor at a time.

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2010 Cobb International Boulevard, Suite J-K
Kennesaw Georgia 30152
United States

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