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FlexQube provides a modular material handling concept to push the boundaries of material handling carts. The modularity allows carts to be made specifically for your materials, helping you improve safety standards and ergonomics while greatly boosting your internal efficiency. Expanding the original FlexQube concept with our automated solution, the eQart, we continue on our mission; to make our customers world leaders in intralogistics.

The eQart is an AGV developed from the FlexQube concept. Using FlexQube building blocks and complementing with smart modules, we can offer a flexible, affordable, and user-friendly automated concept. The eQart has market-leading size flexibility from 35 x 33 inches up to 99 x 99 inches and be used for stand-alone, towing, or in a mother-daughter configuration.

The goal with the eQart® is to offer the most user-friendly automation solution for intralogistics operations and support companies to overcome challenges with increasing logistics costs.


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eQart By FlexQubeThe eQart is a smart and motorized FlexQube cart; we add motors, a battery, and cameras to a regular FlexQube cart. The eQart is available in any size and shape. Download
eQart Sales PresentationAn intelligent and motorized FlexQube cart. Motors, battery, and cameras are added to a regular FlexQube cart. The eQart is available in any size and shape.Download

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