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For 34 years, Con-Pearl has been the global leader and benchmark in supplying polypropylene boards, sleeves, and returnable packaging solutions. Boards made of Con-Pearl consist of three polypropylene layers, with the middle layer obtaining its strength and structure by thermoforming, while the outer layers are laminated. The customizable options extend beyond the Con-Pearl boards and sleeves. Con-Pearl has selectively partnered with some of the top injection-molding and thermoforming companies in the U.S. to offer completely custom pallets and lids. From 23 by 29 inches to 96 by 76 inches and everything in between, if you have a specific need, we have a team of partners ready to assist. We offer our upstream suppliers a safe recycling route for waste, surplus, and scrap production of polypropylene and polyethylene. High-quality secondary raw materials are produced from industrial residual materials in our plastics recycling and compounding plants in Leinefelde and Hillscheid.

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