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Eurofork is recognized worldwide as a solution provider for system integrators in the intralogistics sector.
With over 125,000 solutions sold in more than 90 countries, it offers a complete range of automatic handling solutions entirely manufactured in Italy. These include E-SMARTFORKS and telescopic forks for stacker-cranes, as well as innovative pallet shuttle systems ESMARTSHUTTLE and E4SHUTTLE for smart pallet handling in automated warehouses.
Eurofork is also the official distributor for Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) Geek+ in Italy.
As a Benefit Company, Eurofork continuously invests in Research & Development of solutions with a particular focus on ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) values.


E4SHUTTLEE4SHUTTLE is the new 4-way pallet shuttle, multi-level and multi-channel designed by Eurofork for all automated warehouses that require a large storage capacity. Highly flexibility and modularity combine with Eurofork's technological expertise to create the solution that completes the product portfolio available to system integrators.Download
E-SMARTFORKSEurofork has combined all its knowledge in the field of automatic handling and technological development applied to its shuttle 4.0 systems to create the new evolution of telescopic forks: the E-SMARTFORKS. This solution guarantees mitigation of the risk of system downtime, predictive maintenance, and a high level of handling device performance.Download
ESMARTSHUTTLEThe Italian company's continuous investment in R&D allows it to offer Industry 4.0 solutions like ESMARTSHUTTLE the innovative shuttle system ideal for multi-depth automated warehouses that require flexible scalable solutions suitable for high throughputs and performance. The system was developed with the use of software that exploits AI algorithmsDownload
Telescopic forksTelescopic forks for automated warehouses with load transfer capability are the flagship product of the company, equipped with components from top worldwide brands and recognized globally as a guarantee of quality and reliability. They can handle load units of all sizes bidirectionally within automated warehouses.Download


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