About Easy Lift Equipment Company Inc.

Easy Lift Equipment manufactures a wide variety of material handling equipment. While primarily focused on ergonomic drum and roll handling equipment, we also offer custom solutions for customers' material handling applications. Easy Lift Equipment provides ergonomic drum handling equipment for handling, lifting, weighing, transporting, and dispensing any size or type of drum. Our four major lines include: Eagle-Grip Drum Handling Attachments, EasyLift Drum Transporters, EasyLift Drum Dumpers, and Drum-Haulers. For roll handling we also feature for major product lines: EasyLift Roll Transporters, EasyLift Roll Manipulators, EasyLift Roll Handling Lift Truck Attachments and Roll-Haulers. Contact our sales team today to discover how Easy Lift Equipment can help you.


Easy Lift Drum Drum Dumpers and Roll ManipulatorsEasyLift Drum Dumpers and Roll Manipulators with manual travel are built specific to each customer's requirements. Contact our sales team today to start working on a solution for your drum or roll handling application.Download
Easy Lift Eagle Grip Drum Handling AttachmentsEagle-Grip™ attachments are the safest, most durable, quality built lift truck attachments available for handling drums. Eagle-Grip™ attachments are completely mechanical, requiring no electrical or hydraulic connections to the lift truck. Easy Lift Equipment’s products are manufactured, powder coated for durability and assembled in Newark, DE.Download
Easy Lift Equipment Drum-Haulers and Roll-HaulersDrum-Haulers™ & Roll-Haulers™ make easy tasks of handling plastic, fiber and steel drums as well as roll materials of various widths and diameters. Drum & Roll-Haulers are the most ergonomic equipment available for transporting, manipulating, weighing and roll materials and dispensing drums, with models suitable for most any application.Download


  • Drum-Hauler™ - DH800108RCR-EE

  • Drum-Hauler™ for Lift, Clamp & Transport - DH800SP

  • Eagle-Grip™ 4 Series Attachment - EG4DCM-NF

  • EasyLift™ Equipment for Handling Beer Kegs - ELK20

  • EasyLift™ Roll Manipulator & Transporter - ER10004

  • EasyLift™ SL Narrow Aisle Drum Transporter - EL600

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Zachary A. Johnston
Phone: 1-800-233-1800
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Brands / Products

  • Drum-Hauler
  • Eagle-Grip
  • EasyLift
  • Roll-Hauler

Product Categories

  • Attachments - Trucks & Mobile Equipment
  • ForkLift Trucks, Personnel Carriers
  • Hand Lift Trucks, Pallet Jacks, & Carts
  • Lift Products
  • Manufacturing Facility
  • Other Material Handling Equipment and Systems
  • Overhead & Below/Hook Equipment (i.e. slings, lifts, magnets)
  • Weighing & Dimensioning Equipment