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Since 1969, OE Attachments has been supplying millions of forks and attachments to OEMs and businesses in the U.S. and Canada.

We have the largest stock and widest selection of forklift forks in North America. OE Attachments can manufacture virtually any style, mount type and capacity of fork — including custom based on your design.

Our OEA Kaup line of hydraulic forklift attachments includes: Fork Positioners, Rotators, Telescopic Forks, Multi-Pallet Handlers, Push-Pulls, Carton Clamps, Sideshifters and more.

OEA Safeguard provides safety solutions meant to reduce workplace accidents and injuries and help businesses make informed fleet decisions. The Forklift Information System offers digitized OSHA pre-shift checklists and access control for approved operators only. All checklist data and incident activity is stored in the cloud, easily accessible to administrators.

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