About Ancra Systems B.V.

Ancra Systems is a specialist in ATLS ( Automatic Truck Loading Systems) and we dedicate ourselves to offering maximum added value in the automatic truck (un)loading solutions.
We offer custom solutions by creating a link between production facilities and warehouses and more.
With our innovative new Skateloader system that loads both containers and trailers, we can make one dock do the work of 5! Imagine driver wait time is an average of only 8 minutes!

We have been specialists in ATLS for over 35 years. ATLS is our passion and focus. With this long-time commitment, we have built in-depth knowledge about trailer construction, warehousing solutions, building construction, and connecting our systems with end-of-line equipment, conveyors, and automated warehouses.
By starting with a wide range of modular equipment, we customize solutions to meet the needs of each customer’s unique situation.
Every situation is unique!


  • Automatic truck container loading and unloading solutions at ProMat 2023 Chicago with Ancra Systems

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Marc Dohmen, Sales Director
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