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Qimarox is a leading manufacturer of components for material handling systems. As a manufacturer of, among other things, palletiser modules and vertical conveyors, Qimarox distinguishes itself by its contemporary vision and approach, in which innovation, quality, and added value are of paramount importance.

Qimarox emerged from Nedpack, which was established in 1995. From the beginning, Nedpack had a strong focus on the manufacture of palletisers and vertical conveyors. Today, Qimarox supplies various types of components to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and system integrators worldwide. A few examples are the Prorunner mk1 product elevator, the Prorunner mk5 vertical conveyor, and the Highrunner mk7 palletiser module, a series that will be further extended in the coming years. These components are traditionally very common in production and final packaging lines, especially in the food industry, but also in other sectors.


Delivery reliability crucial for quick deliveryCompanies are placing ever greater demands on project turnaround times. People expect a new final packaging lines or logistics system to be up and running within a few months. This requires suppliers who deliver their components quickly and on time.Download
DeltaStar increases order-picking capacityDeltaStar Nutrients has successfully expanded its order picking capacity with a new mezzanine floor. The undisputed eye-catcher in the Venlo warehouse is the Prorunner mk5 from Qimarox, which transports plastic containers from the mezzanine to the ground floor.“This is a reliable, simple and clear system that fits perfectly into our business."Download
Fast switching stacking patterns with palletisers Online wine retailer Laithwaites has installed a fully automated palletising solution in Gloucester, England. Unique is the speed at which the two Qimarox palletisers - installed and integrated by systems integrator CKF - can switch between different stacking patterns with different box sizes. Thanks to Qimarox the capacity = 2.000 cartons per hourDownload
Fast, flexible and cost-effective standard palletiThe Qimarox Highrunner mk7 is a palletiser that is not only lighting quick, but also very flexible. Because the machine is constructed entirely out of standard modules, the Highrunner mk7 can be used in any situation without any additional adjustments. Download
Pieter Hannessen hands over daily managementFounder of Nedpack and Qimarox, Pieter Hannessen has handed over the daily management to the currect sales director Martijn Smit. Download
Press release vertical conveyor installationQimarox has made the installation of vertical conveyors faster, easier and cheaper. Thanks to the modular design of the Prorunner mk1 and mk5 it is possible to transport the machine in parts and to assemble it on location. This leads to lower transport costs and prevents all kinds of measures being necessary.Download
Qimarox adds standard stretch-hood machineAfter a ring wrapper, Qimarox has now also added a standard stretch hood machine to its range of material handling components. This innovative stretch hood machine distinguishes itself in the market by its lack of power-hungry technologies such as pneumatics and hydraulics.Download
Qimarox examines the use of drones for palletisingQimarox has launched a study into the possibilities around using drones for product palletising. Manufacturers of consumer products can use these flying robots to design a very compact, flexible and scalable palletising process. Download
Qimarox improves accessibility of palletisersQimarox has increased the accessibility of its palletisers for operators and service engineers. Qimarox has developed an innovative elevated walkway construction that makes it possible to reach both the pallet and the palletiser in a simple and safe manner to correct pallet stacks or perform maintenance.Download
Qimarox introduces standard OEM RingwrapperQimarox has released a fast and reliable shrink wrapper, which, like its palletising modules, are sold exclusively to OEMs and system integrators. This versatile ring wrapper can reliably wrap up to 100 pallets in foil per hour (optionally dustproof and waterproof).Download
Qimarox opens new test and demonstration centre inQimarox opens a completely renewed test and demonstration centre in Harderwijk. New or potential customers can experience the opportunities offered by Qimarox for vertical transport and/or palletising of their products first-hand. For this purpose, a fully operational palletising and vertical transport system will be installedDownload
Qimarox shortens delivery time for North American Starting next summer, companies in North America can have a Prorunner mk5 – Qimarox’s unique vertical conveyor – within only a few weeks. Because of the rapidly growing interest in its products, the manufacturer of material handling components has decided to start supplying customers in North America from the United States, rather than from Europe.Download
Qimarox sponsors Harderwijk windmill ‘De Hoop’Qimarox will sponsor the Harderwijk windmill ‘De Hoop’ for the next three years. This tower mill in the Vissershaven is one of the most striking features of Harderwijk’s historic city centre. With the sponsorship, the manufacturer of components for material handling systems demonstrates its commitment to social responsibility.Download
Qimarox takes even heavier pallets to a higher levWith the Prorunner mk10, Qimarox introduces an extremely robust product elevator for pallets of up to 2000 kg. This product lift can transport up to sixty pallets per hour, ten metres upwards. This standardised, modular product lift can be integrated into any end-of-line packaging system or storage system. Download
SEW-EURODRIVE interviews a Qimarox engineerCompact, space-saving control cabinets and only two cables for communication and power supply gave this customer the possibility to quickly commission the newly delivered drives with less space. Download


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