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Manufacturer of CUSTOM SIZED plastic pallets that are water resistant and flame retardant. Pallets are available in shades of gray to black with 2-way or 4-way entry and non-slip or smooth surface that can be cleaned under high pressure. Pallet dimensions and weight capacity are completely customizable for the application. Custom pallets can either be assembled or knocked down and bulk packed to lower freight costs. Bar coding and tracking capabilities available. Made from recycled and recyclable PVC. Industries served include import/export, chemical, electronic, aerospace, home goods, warehouse, mattress, beverage, printing, appliance, automotive, marine and lumber.


21 Foot Heavy Duty PalletThis 21 foot plastic pallet was designed specifically for this retail flooring warehouse facility to hold a variety of heavy ceramic tile and other flooring products. The plastic pallets are holding up very well under the weight of the tile and other products. There is no sagging or bowing. Moreover, the plastic pallets lend a much more aestheticalDownload
Extra Large Pallet with CastersCustom built plastic pallets provide the ultimate in convenience when you need a pallet that is oversized with the added benefit of mobility. Now move large, bulky, heavy products easily from one area to another without using forklifts.Download
Large Pallet for Closed Loop SystemJifram designed these pallets to ship 23 foot plastic profiles for electrical control products, a challenge to ship. In the past wooden pallets were connected; however, this improvised solution did the job with only marginal efficiency. These redesigned pallets are eliminating product damage and are planned to be in service for at least 2 years.Download

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