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PeakLogix, an Alta Material Handling company, provides complete material management solutions – from initial needs analysis to design, installation, training, and support. Since 1989, we have helped thousands of manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, and warehousing operations become more productive and profitable through innovative solutions.

Our approach includes intelligent applications of material handling equipment and technology that modernize processes and optimize operational efficiencies. We have decades of experience and embrace an intra-logistics strategy, providing data-driven, bespoke solutions that magnify results for our clients.


Increased capacity and equipments uptimePeakLogix helped identify their core needs to discover an industry-best solution providing a replacement for aged conveyor system; adding barcode scanners, automated print-and-apply machines, and semi-automated case sealers; and upgrading to a new Warehouse Control System.Download
Automation, robotics, and COVID-19As COVID-19 has dramatically changed fulfillment and operations, CXO’s respond by accelerating integrations of automation and robotics.Download
Increased pick rates and efficiencyThe new automated systems increase Wacoal’s pick rate by 178%, decrease pick labor by 84%, and improve storage density and capacityDownload
Increased pick rates and savingsPeakLogix upgraded SmartPak’s static racking to a high density, automated horizontal carousel storage and retrieval system.Download
Increased productivity and storage capacityPeakLogix helped a growing medical device distributor expand storage, increase productivity, reduce errors, decrease labor costs; and improve employee morale. The new design achieved 47% gains in productivity and $1,300,000 annual savings.Download
Increased throughput and efficiency PeakLogix upgraded the existing Warehouse Control System with ScottTech PickPro™, ScottTech BulkPro™, BatchPro, touch-screen operator interfaces, and RF picking. New hardware was also installed, including horizontal carousels, conveyors, and IPTI™ Pick to Light.Download
Micro-Distribution: Fulfillment's Next RevolutionLast-mile delivery accounts for 50%+ of logistics costs, learn how micro-distribution is poised to disrupt the industry.Download
Reduction in the collection’s footprintPeakLogix designed and integrated eight double-tiered horizontal carousels to maximize the facility’s cubic space. Download


  • Optimizing Staff to Increase Throughput

  • Intelligent Warehouse Design by PeakLogix

  • Deep Lane Storage Using Automha PALLET RUNNER®

  • Optimization for an e-commerce retail distributor

  • PeakLogix: Sortation, Vertical Conveying and Sequencing

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