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NPI has been designing leading-edge sorting equipment for over 40 years. NPI sets the standard for affordable, high quality, high speed, low maintenance machines, while meeting the highest expectations in automated mail sorting with the industry's most compact design.

Out exclusive technology can be configured into a number of modular designs to meet specific customer requirements for labor efficiency, floor space and cost.

NPI equipment currently operates in over 27 countries worldwide providing functionality specific to each country and each customer's operational requirements.

The strongest segments of our offerings is currently the Xstream Dual infeed parcel sorter in use by some of the largest names in parcel delivery services.


Xstream Compact Sliding Shoe SorterThe Xstream Compact Sliding Shoe Sorter has a small footprint and is supported by NPI’s best-in-class customer service to help you seamlessly transition into automation. It is known for its sustainable return on investment which is achieved by labor cost savings, industry leading uptime, and its ability to create a highly efficient operation.Download
Xstream Dual Lane Sliding Shoe SorterThe NPI Xstream Dual Lane Sliding Shoe Sorter is a reliable, efficient, and scalable solution for parcel or package sorting with minimal maintenance requirements. The sorter’s shoe-type sorter design provides a platform capable of sorting a wide range of mail or package types from flats mail to poly bags or boxes.Download


  • NPI's Xstream Single Lane Sliding Shoe Sorter

  • High Speed Flats and Parcel Automation made easy w

  • The Maxim by NPI

  • NPI's Semi-Automated Singulation

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