About VARGO®

VARGO® is a team of leading fulfillment and distribution center specialists with expertise in intelligent warehouse execution systems, integration and distribution center process improvement, and specialized material handling equipment. We work with companies to help them increase throughput and maximize resource utilization. VARGO®’s adaptive software, COFE® intelligent warehouse execution system (WES), was the first commercially available waveless order processing engine on the market, pioneering intelligent continuous picking for leaner and smarter distribution.

- Specialized material handling equipment, technology and devices
- Waveless order processing
- Lean-based order processing
- Demand-based omnichannel distribution
- Material handling systems integration
- Distribution center design and process improvement
- Warehouse storage systems
- eCommerce (direct-to-consumer) distribution solutions
- Material handling equipment maintenance and support


COFE®: Intelligent DC Operations ManagementThis white paper discusses the ways in which new warehouse execution system (WES) software solutions are improving productivity, increasing revenue and eliminating the need for a master control room in distribution centers. Download
Dedicated Omnichannel Fulfillment CentersAs the ecommerce market and mobile marketplace continue to grow, traditional channel based distribution centers and processes have given way to omni-channel, where all inventory is viewed as one and all channels can be processed simultaneously under one roof. Learn why the intelligent warehouse control system (iWCS) is a must have.Download
Retail Put Systems White PaperThis white paper explores the common challenges of put-to-store systems, compounding challenges of traditional software, manifestations of the challenges in retail put systems, the benefits of pull-driven operations, operational efficiency and making better decisions, and best practices for optimizing retail fulfillment.Download
Waveless History White PaperFor more than a decade, VARGO® has reshaped the industry—providing retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers with a true lean order fulfillment solution. Its advanced waveless, or continuous, order fulfillment system processes orders without wave transitions to create a constant flow of work.Download


  • COFE Intro: High Volume Apparel eComm Solution

  • Low CAPEX eCommerce distribution driven by COFE

  • VARGO a Distribution Center Integrator for eCommer

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