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Since 1998 Lucas Systems has been helping companies transform their distribution operations and adapt to changing customer and market demands. Our Warehouse Optimization Software featuring Jennifer intelligence dramatically increases worker productivity, operational agility, accuracy and efficiency.

Lucas combines our deep warehouse expertise with unique AI-based optimization software, adaptive workflows, and industry-best voice technology to help associates and managers work smarter. Our software is used by tens of thousands of DC workers every day in hundreds of manufacturing warehouses, retail, wholesale and B2B distribution centers, and ecommerce fulfillment centers in North America, Europe, Australia and Asia.


Apex Tool Group Uses AI To Boost ProductivityUsing Lucas AI travel optimization tools, Apex Tool Group helped address their labor challenges while slashing errors. According to Chris Rufa: “You rarely implement a new system and have users tell you ‘It’s made my life so much easier.‘ Making the process better for associates makes them more productive. And that’s better for the business.” Download
Baptist Health Doubles Productivity With LucasRather than installing a new WMS, Baptist Health used the Lucas Warehouse Optimization Suite to automate DC operations. The Lucas system has provided larger productivity and accuracy benefits than expected "at one-eighth of the cost" of a new WMS.Download
Jennifer Voice-Directed WarehousingLong before Alexa and Siri, Jennifer™ was making work easier and faster for tens of thousands of workers. Jennifer™ combinines voice, scanning, visual prompts and AI-based optimization to help automate any manual hands-on process in your warehouse. Best of all, Jennifer™ speaks 30 languages.Download
Lucas Warehouse Optimization SuiteGet an overview of the Lucas AI-based warehouse execution and optimization solution incorporating industry-leading AI, Machine Learning, and speech recognition technology deployed in a flexible, configurable software architecture in the cloud or on premises.Download
Simco Logistics Optimizes Accuracy and Efficiency Simco Logistics has mastered the task of picking, transporting and delivering ice cream and other frozen and refrigerated foods to shops and locations throughout the Middle Atlantic. In recent years the company has upgraded its warehouse technology to help make sure their delivery drivers get the right treats to your local store every time.Download


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