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The KEITH® Freight Runner® system automates cargo handling, speeds product distribution and reduces labor costs. Multiple configurations are available to suit individual needs. The dock-to-trailer system integrates warehouse automation with shipping. It replaces the standard, manual process of cargo handling that includes a forklift operator and/or an employee inside the trailer using a pallet jack. Smaller systems can turn a standard pickup truck or truck box into an efficient delivery vehicle. Systems require minimal modifications in the warehouse or to truck body/trailer.


  • The LeanLine™ Conveyor - Customized to fit your needs

  • Freight Runner® Dock To Trailer (D2T) System

  • LeanLine™ Conveyor: Customizable and Safe

  • Case Study Animation - Medical Equipment

  • Case Study Animation - Building Manufacturing

  • Case Study Animation - Food Manufacturing


Freight Runner ApplicationsThe KEITH Freight Runner system can be used for numerous facility-based and trailer applications.Download

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