About Eurosort Inc.

EuroSort specializes in unit sortation solutions for the apparel, postal and parcel, e-commerce, pharmaceutical, multi-media, and multi-disciplinary industries. Around the world, our sorters are changing the way industries are looking at automation.

We focus on simple, efficient, cost-effective solutions that have a higher throughput, a tighter footprint, and require less maintenance than comparable systems on the market today. This allows our customers to spend less on space, less on maintenance, less on energy, less on personnel, and more on the things that will help to grow their business.

Whether your challenge is sorting apparel/garments, flats or parcels, pharmaceuticals, multi-media, small catalog items. EuroSort has the solution for your sortation needs.


  • EuroSort Twin-Pushtray Sorter for E-commerce Appli

  • EuroSort Dual Split Tray (Bomb Bay) Sorter for 3PL

  • EuroSort Single Split Tray (Bomb-Bay) Sorter for P

  • EuroSort Dual Split Tray (Bomb Bay) for Apparel/Ac

  • EuroSort Dual Split Tray (Bomb Bay) Sorter - Posta

  • EuroSort Dual Split Tray (Bomb Bay) Sorter for use


EuroSort Push-Tray SorterThis is a brochure for the EuroSort Push-Tray Sorter. Download
EuroSort Split-Tray/Bomb-Bay Sorter This is a brochure for the Eurosort Split-Tray/Bomb-Bay sorter.Download
Eurosort Sweeper SorterThis is a brochure for the EuroSort Sweeper Sorter.Download

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