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Whether it’s a forklift truck moving essential goods and materials, an AGV in a manufacturing facility, or ground support equipment supporting flight operations, EnerSys® has the people, knowledge and solutions to power them all. Our industry-leading product range along with our skillful team allows us to identify, consult and formulate a complete solution for your operation - saving you valuable time at the lowest TCO.


EnerSys® Chargers: IMPAQ™, Express® and NexSys®+EnerSys® chargers are engineered to promote reliability and easier serviceability with flexible, modular designs that automatically maintain peak performance and efficient output - including a variety of performance and charging profiles. EnerSys charging solutions keep industrial equipment moving, no matter the size of your operation. Download
Express® BatteriesExpress® batteries featuring square tube technology provide more power than round tubular and flat-plate designs. Amp-hour capacities are the best in the industry - supporting vehicle fleet productivity. Optimized for fast charging, Express batteries have terminal connectors that make the process even more efficient.Download
IRONCLAD® BatteriesIRONCLAD® batteries are manufactured with square tube technology that provides up to 84% more surface area on the positive plate than round tubular and flat-plate design batteries. This added surface area enables IRONCLAD batteries to deliver higher sustained voltages than conventional batteries, extending lift truck run times well into the shift.Download
NexSys® iON BatteriesBuilt to the highest safety, design and manufacturing standards, NexSys® iON batteries represent the material handling industry’s most advanced lithium-ion technology. Ideal for heavy-duty applications, low-upkeep NexSys iON batteries will cut downtime and battery ownership costs and ultimately, make your operation more productive and profitable.Download
NexSys® PURE BatteriesNexSys® PURE Thin Plate Pure Lead batteries are designed to help reduce the unplanned downtime and unexpected operating costs associated with conventional lead acid batteries. Optimized for fast- and opportunity-charging, NexSys PURE batteries are available in a range of capacities and configurations.Download


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