About Fives Intralogistics Corp.

Fives is in the business of breakthroughs. During its 60 years in the material handling sector, Fives introduced some of the first Singulators, Shoe sorters, and Cross Belt sorters on the market. Fives' innovative family of products are designed to create the best solutions for high speed material handling across multiple applications. Partnering with customers worldwide, its technology provides some of the highest speeds, best reliability, and most accurate systems operating today.

Fives offers a complete product line of automated order fulfillment, sorting and singulation equipment with over 650 installations worldwide in the courier, postal, airport baggage, and distribution markets. Fives is positioned to help customers meet their operational challenges in a highly competitive marketplace.


  • [Intralogistics] GENI-Flex™ Modular Solution Irregular Sorter

  • The TRI-Sort SDX+P™ Linear Parcel Shoe Sorter

  • [Intralogistics] GENI-Belt™ High-Speed Cross-Belt Sorter

  • [Intralogistics] SOLI-XK2™ Parcel Singulator

  • [Intralogistics] The ACCORD™ Packet Singulator

  • [Intralogistics] LPS-70™ Linear Parcel Singulator


GENI-Belt™Pioneering generation of high-speed cross-belt sorters.Download
GENI-Flex™ Modular SolutionIrregular and Oversized Package SorterDownload
SOLI-XK2™Parcel SingulatorDownload
The ACCORD™ Packet SingulatorTransforms 3D bulk flow of small packages into a single-file, sortable, 2D stream.Download
TRI-Sort SDX+P™Industry-Leading Linear Parcel Shoe SorterDownload

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Louisville, KY 40229

Jeff Gavenas, Senior VP of Sales and Marketing
Phone: 502-636-1414
Fax: 502-636-1491

Brands / Products

  • ACCORD Singulator
  • GENI-belt cross belt sorter
  • GENI-Flex™ Irregular Sorter
  • HSD (High Speed Diverter)
  • LPS Singulator
  • SOLI-XK2
  • TRISORT SDX Shoe Sorter

Product Categories

  • Consulting & Professional Services
  • Conveyors
  • Integrated Systems & Controls
  • Other Material Handling Equipment and Systems
  • Sortation Equipment
  • Systems Integration Services

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