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Carron has unmatched experience producing high quality netting for virtually any Pallet Rack Guard or Conveyor Containment application in both existing facilities & new construction. Pallet Rack Guard Nets are economical & offered in a variety of mesh sizes, helping comply with guarding requirements under OSHA 1926.250. Cost-efficient & easy to install, Conveyor Nets help meet safety requirements under 1926.555 while allowing quick & easy access to clear jams & maintain equipment.

Other factory & warehouse uses for Carron nets include mezzanine/aisle guards, barrier nets around secure storage racks & cages, & cargo nets/containment nets for picking & transport carts. Carron regularly partners with OEM manufacturers to create nets used in delivery vehicles & heavy equipment cabs & also produces small mesh nets for bird control & windscreens/tarps for debris containment.

If you want best-quality netting to protect your employees & products, look no further than Carron Net.


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Carron Conveyor NettingWhether your conveyor system is overhead or located at ground level, you'll find Industrial Catch Nets from the Carron Net Company to be the simple solution to protecting your employees and saving products from damage or loss. They are designed to be cost-efficient and to help you meet conveyor safety requirements under OSHA 1926.555.Download
Carron Rack Guard NettingIndustrial Netting from Carron Net can help you reduce costly product damage and greatly enhance employee safety. Designed specifically for storage areas and pallet rack installations, Carron Industrial Nets, when properly installed, prevent products from falling off racks and mezzanines. They can also help you meet workplace safety requirments.Download
Carron's Industrial HardwareIncluded in our full line of industrial hardware, Carron's Horizontal Offset Bracket is adjustable from 3" to 14". Horizontal Offset has a universal mounting sleeve which slides back and forth to adjust netting to the desired distance from the back of the rack. (U.S. Patent #5,984,121)Download
Protective Guard Nets Brochure• Prevent injuries • Reduce product damage • Quick, simple installation • Provide OSHA compliance • Made to order to meet your needsDownload

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